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Last Updated on November 3, 2022

Regardless of what you’re trying to secure, having a good padlock is a necessity. And for those of you who tend to misplace their keys often, you’ll want to get the best combination padlock so you don’t have to carry around a key anymore.

But how do you choose the best combination padlock out of so many options? There are a few notable brands, and a few things to look out for, so let’s take a look at ten options, as well as a buyers’ guide that should help you with making an informed buying decision.

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Quick Summary: Best Combination Padlock of 2019

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1. Desired Tools Padlock

Best Overall

  • Made of Metal
  • Four Digit Combination
  • Weather Resistance

Our top pick comes courtesy of desired tools, and it’s an excellent metal padlock. It’s got a four digit combination, which means there’s around 10 thousand combinations to choose from. Setting one up is easy, and if you suspect someone knows your code, you can change it very easily.

The entire padlock is made of metal, so durability and quality are guaranteed, and the numbers are easy to maneuver and read, rotation is pretty smooth. Add to this the weather resistance, choice of colors, and very reasonable price, and it’s easy to see why the desired tools Padlock is our top pick for the best combination padlock.

2. Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock

  • Made of Metal
  • Four Digit Combination
  • Waterproof

The runner up is made by Disecu, and it’s a large padlock that’s made to allow you to lock just about any kind of cabinet, locker or fence. It’s all metal, which guarantees durability, and you actually get a two pack for the price of one. The shackle is long, which does add to its versatility.

The four digit combination lets you choose any of the 10 thousand combinations, and setting it up and resetting it if necessary is a piece of cake. The lock is also waterproof and cut proof, so you can rest assured that it will stay where you put it, no matter what.

3. FortLocks Gym Locker Lock

  • Zinc Alloy Bodies
  • Four Digit Combination
  • Weather Resistance

The FortLocks Gym Locker Lock is one of the most rugged designs on our list. It’s sturdy, durable and secure, and it’s made of hardened stainless steel that’s really difficult to damage .

The locks have zinc alloy bodies and patented internal mechanisms, so there’s no way to pick them, and they’re weather resistant too.

With four digits, you have 10 thousand combinations and setting and resetting them is really easy. Rotation is smooth, and the entire lock feels very durable. The orange on the outside makes it look great, too, and you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Oh, did we mention this is actually a two pack, for the price of one?

4. DELSWIN Combination Disk Padlock

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Four Digit Combination
  • Weather Resistance

Those of you who are limited with space might find that the DELSWIN is a great choice. The shackle itself is minimal, making the padlock perfect for chains and fences.

It’s made of stainless steel, with a hardened steel shackle, so it’s weather resistant and you get plenty of security.

The four digit combination gives you plenty of combinations, and you can set it, and reset it pretty easily. The padlock itself is pretty heavy and durable, and with minimal shackle exposure there’s little chance anyone will be able to get in it. With two for the price of one, it’s a great option.

5. Puroma Locker Padlock

Puroma Locker Padlock

Yet another two pack, this one is made by Puroma. The design is great, you have a zinc alloy body that’s pretty secure, and is resistant to the weather and the elements outside. The entire padlock is pretty compact and lightweight, but is still stiff and durable.

There are four digits, and you can choose a combination and easily reset it if you ever find that necessary. The rotation is smooth, and there’s just enough resistance for you to be able to line up the numbers easily. It’s an excellent padlock, and the price is very attractive.

    6. ZHENGE Locker Lock

    ZHENGE Locker Lock

    If you don’t really need any of the two-packs above and would rather save a few bucks, the ZHENGE Locker Lock is a great option. It comes with four digits, so that’s ten thousand combinations, and you can set or reset the combination any time you need it.

    The heavy duty body is made of zinc alloy and a hardened steel shackle, so you have weather resistance, rust resistance and an excellent durability. It comes in a few colors for you to choose from, and rotating and setting up the digits is pretty easy. All things considered, a great combination padlock.

      7. Master Lock 178D

      Master Lock 178D

      Master Lock have quite the reputation, and the last four products on our list of best combination padlock options are made by them. The 178D is one of the stiffest options on the market, and you can use it both outdoor and indoor. You can set a four digit combination, and there’s a combination change tool included.

      The solid body comes with a hardened steel shackle that’s pretty much impossible to cut and is 8mm in diameter. The digits rotate easily and smoothly, and with Master Lock’s reputation, we have no doubt that the lock will be as durable as they come. Quite possibly the best combination padlock if the size works for you.

        8. Master Lock 5135DWD

        Master Lock 5135DWD

        The second model by Master Lock is their 5135DWD indoor padlock. It’s a combination padlock, but it comes with four letter dials instead of digits. The letters are random, and there are ten of them on each dial. You can set your own combination, and changing it is pretty easy.

        The shackle is 6mm in diameter, and the lock ships in a randomly selected color. Since this isn’t an outdoor lock, it’s best used for school or gym lockers. It does come with a metal body and anti-shim locking mechanism, so you can’t break into it, though, which makes it a great option.

          9. Master Lock 175DLH

          Master Lock 175DLH

          The 175DLH is best suited for users who need a the best combination padlock with a long shackle. This one is 2 ¼” long, and 8mm in diameter, and it’s made of hardened steel so it’s as high quality as they come.

          The body is made of steel, and you’ve got four digits to set a combination that you like. Rotation on the dials is smooth and consistent, and you’ll find that setting and resetting your combination is pretty easy. A great versatile lock for people who need the long shackle.

            10. Master Lock 4688D

            Master Lock 4688D

            The last padlock on our list is the 4688D, a fairly lightweight yet very high quality combination padlock. It’s primarily made for luggage, as it’s a TSA approved padlock. You only have three digits, but again, it’s not meant to lock up storage units so you’ll have your luggage with you and that’s not a big deal.

            It’s made of a metal body, and the 3mm diameter shackle is covered with vinyl to resist abuse from the luggage handling equipment. All things considered, it’s the best combination padlock for people who travel often and want their luggage to be secure.  

              Buyers’ guide

              Even though picking a padlock might sound as simple as just getting the one that looks most secure to you, it’s actually a bit more difficult than that. A padlock that isn’t secure is actually easier to crack into than you’d think, so let’s see what you can do to protect your valuables.

              Pay attention to the numbers. This is the single most important thing, you’ll want to see how many digits the padlock has. More digits equal a padlock that’s more difficult to crack. Four should be the bare minimum, but in some rare instances, a secure three digit padlock could do. As you saw in the list above, there are even some that don’t have numbers, but letters instead, making for a lot more combinations and a lock that’s nearly impossible to open unless you use brute force.

              To deal with brute force, make sure you get quality materials. Steel is usually the material of choice, but there are some manufacturers that give you a plastic body that’s really, really easy to crack. All it takes is a bit more force. Therefore, try to get a padlock that’s completely made of metal.

              Smoothness and operation are the last two things to keep an eye out for. Digits that are difficult to rotate and maneuver will probably stop working after a while. You want them to be smooth and be able to rotate easily. However, not too easily, because you’ll have a hard time setting all of them up in a line.

              Oh, and one more thing. Don’t pick an obvious password. Your year of birth might be the easiest thing to remember, but the person trying to open the padlock could guess, or check that, too. Get something that’s a bit more difficult and less obvious, it’s a lot more secure.

              Padlock 4 Digit Combination Lock - for Gym School Locker, Outdoor Gate, Shed, Fence, and Storage - Weatherproof Metal - Keyless, Easy to Set, Resettable - Silver

              1. Desired Tools Padlock

              Our Pick

              Our top pick comes courtesy of desired tools, and it’s an excellent metal padlock. It’s got a four digit combination, which means there’s around 10 thousand combinations to choose from. Setting one up is easy, and if you suspect someone knows your code, you can change it very easily.

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