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Choosing the best padlock for storage units can actually be much more difficult than you’d think. There’s a variety of options to choose from, and a variety of different types of padlocks, materials, etc., which only makes things more difficult. And while most are actually pretty budget-friendly, it’s quite possible to make the mistake of buying something that’s not worth the price.

Therefore, we’ll do our best to help. To begin with, we’ve got five padlocks that are perfect for a storage unit, for one reason or another. We would recommend any of them, and it’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs best. We’ll also have a buyers’ guide, so you know what things are worth paying a bit extra for, and where your money should go. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s go.

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Quick Summary: Best Padlock For Storage Unit of 2019

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1. Master Lock 40DPF

Best Overall

  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 4-pin cylinder

Master Lock is a household name when it comes to any types of locks, from discus padlocks like the 40DPF, to regular ones. This is a very secure and highly durable storage unit padlock, and is hence the top pick on our list. It’s made for both indoor and outdoor use, and you could even use it for sheds and trailers, not just storage units.

The entire lock is made of stainless steel, so it’s pretty much impossible to get into. The shackle is also made of hardened steel, making it even more difficult and adding a bit more security. Pry resistance is ensured by the 4-pin cylinder, as well as the dual locking lever mechanism. It’s pretty much impossible to pick, which does give you peace of mind. The shackle is 3/8” in diameter, which is pretty thick, and it comes with a shrouded design that minimizes its exposure, thus protecting it from bolt cutters.

With a 1-pack you get a single padlock and two keys. However, you could get a 2- or 3-pack, which are multiple padlocks that open with the same key – perfect if you have multiple storage units. An all round excellent padlock.

2. ABUS 20/70 Diskus

  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Disk cylinder

ABUS is yet another household name, and our runner up comes courtesy of this extremely high quality German brand. The 20/70 Diskus is a pretty expensive padlock, and if it weren’t for the price, it would probably be our top pick. It’s still really, really good though.

You will find stainless steel both on the inside and outside, which makes breaking the padlock more or less impossible. It’s also made using the Diskus Deep Welding Technology for maximum strength, making things even more secure. The ABUS-Plus disk cylinder comes with the highest possible protection against any kind of tampering. There’s an extremely high resistance to drilling and pulling, and you get a very high number of possible key variations. Oh, and it doesn’t have a zinc cylinder, so a propane torch can’t do any damage. To add a bit more security, you also have an anti-cut plate. The shackle is well covered, so using a bolt cutter won’t do much, and the thickness is 9.9mm.

All things considered, if you don’t mind spending a bit more money on the ABUS, the 20/70 Diskus is an excellent padlock, and quite possibly the best padlock for storage unit.

3. Brinks Home Security 4 Pack

  • Stainless steel body and a boron steel shackle
  • 4-pin cylinder

If you’ve got multiple storage units to protect, you’ll appreciate this 4 pack of discus padlocks made by Brinks. All four of them are keyed alike, which does mean a bit less protection, but adds a lot of convenience since you don’t have to have four keys with you, one for each lock. Instead, a single key gets you anywhere.

All four are identical, and come with a stainless steel body and a boron steel shackle to add a bit more security. They’re incredibly well made, and they also have a full rubber jacket around them that protects any valuables when the lock is in use. These are 70mm padlocks, so they should have you covered for a variety of storage unit locks, and they also come with a lifetime warranty, which does inspire a bit of confidence.

It’s also nice that the cylinder is a 4-pin, pick resistant model, and you get a shackle that’s very well covered from all sides. There’s no room for a bolt cutter, so you don’t have to worry about that. The Brinks 4 pack is the best padlock for storage unit, especially for users who need four of them and don’t want to spend too much.

4. Stanley Hardware CD8820

Stanley Hardware CD8820

If you want something a bit larger, and with serious protection, look no further than the Stanley CD8820. This is a shrouded hardened steel padlock, and it comes with ASTM security grade 5, which means they’re protected from everything from pulling, to twisting, blowing with extreme temperatures, drilling and sawing.

If that doesn’t inspire confidence, the complete hardened steel body should, as it’s as durable as they come. The dual stainless steel ball bearings are made to resist any pry attacks, and you have a commercial-grade six-pin cylinder with anti-pick pins. The key hole itself is protected with a patented Keyway cover, which protects it against drilling. All things considered, this is pretty much an impossible padlock to get into without a key.

There are, however, two potential downsides. One is the price – the Stanley CD8820 is expensive. Many don’t think it’s worth it, but we believe it is, considering the level of security you get. The second is that unlike a discus padlock, the shackle is a bit more exposed here. With the quality of materials used, that’s absolutely no problem, but do keep it in mind.

    5. SnapSafe 2-pack

    SnapSafe 2 pack

    The last item on our list of best padlock for storage unit options is the SnapSafe 2-pack of discus padlocks. It includes two padlocks that are keyed alike, but you do have four keys which is plenty. They’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can use them to protect anything from your storage unit, to trailer boxes, tool boxes etc. – you can even use them with a chain to lock up your bicycle.

    They’re made from a heavy-duty stainless steel, and the shackle is made of hardened steel. It’s well covered and hidden within the padlock, making it impossible to get to it with a bolt cutter. The cylinder itself is also pretty secure, but doesn’t have an anti-drill cover, which isn’t too good.

    If you’re looking for the best padlock for storage unit that comes with plenty of keys, is simple and works admirably, this is it – look no further. It’s also pretty wallet-friendly, and very durable. An excellent combination.

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      Buyers’ guide

      The first thing you want to note is whether you get a padlock with a key or a number combination. When it comes to a storage unit, chances are you’re keeping something there that you don’t want stolen. And while most combination padlocks come with at least ten thousand possible combinations, there’s still a chance that someone’s going to have at it for a few hours, and eventually guess the combination. Having a key padlock eliminates this, as only the key can open the lock. Yes, you’ll have an extra key to carry around, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

      The materials of choice are the next big thing to keep an eye out for. What you’ll commonly find is steel, and steel is pretty good. However, if you can, go for a hardened steel shackle. When someone tries to forcefully open the padlock, it’s the shackle they’ll be targeting as the weak link – a hardened steel shackle will provide plenty of resistance.

      Pick the size carefully. Contrary to popular belief, a bigger padlock isn’t always more secure. That only applies when you’re talking about the diameter of the shackle itself – this does make a difference. A larger sized padlock isn’t too beneficial. Instead, try to go for one that’s suitable for the storage unit in question.

      Last but not least, a quality brand does make a difference. Even if you need to pay a few bucks more, getting the best padlock for storage unit by a quality brand such as ABUS or Master Lock is often very much worth it. They tend to use quality materials, they never cut corners when it comes to construction and build, and their products are very, very durable. They’ll even offer multiple padlocks that are keyed alike, so you don’t have to have a host of keys dangling in your pocket, which is nice.

      All things considered, choosing a padlock for your storage unit shouldn’t be a chore if you follow the advice given in our buyers’ guide. Just choose the one from the list above that suits your needs best, and you should be set to go.

      Master Lock 40D Stainless Steel Discus Padlock with Key,Silver

      1. Master Lock 40DPF

      Our Pick

      Master Lock is a household name when it comes to any types of locks, from discus padlocks like the 40DPF, to regular ones. This is a very secure and highly durable storage unit padlock, and is hence the top pick on our list. It’s made for both indoor and outdoor use, and you could even use it for sheds and trailers, not just storage units.

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