Can Civilians Buy Night Vision?

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Last Updated on May 11, 2021

People who are interested in hunting or different night activities acquire special equipment. One of these is night vision, and this is where people ask the question, “can civilians buy night vision?” and  “are night vision goggles dangerous?” or “do night vision goggles work in total darkness?”

These are just a few questions, but to quickly answer the main question for this article is YES, civilians can purchase any night vision device. Some restrictions are not related to government bans.

Some manufacturer restrictions are due to high demand by law enforcement and the government. The manufacture of units not considered to be texting also to the entire civilian market. You may want to see the best night vision goggles here before purchasing one!

Can Civilians Buy Night Vision?

When it comes to purchasing a night vision device, restrictions are virtually non-existent. There may be some restrictions on the use of this device when it comes to deployment for hunting. In the United States, there may be some restrictions beyond other countries.

Specifications in the United States

night visions and animalsThere is a set of thirteen states that have banned using a night vision device to be used for hunting. Purchasing a night vision device for any other purpose does not carry any restrictions. The activity to be restricted is hunting.

There are also 17 states in which it is possible to use a night vision device for hunting. Many of these states incorporate some specifications, such as a specific date period. The use of this device has also been implemented only for hunting spices that are not generally targeted.

About 20 states in the United States have not imposed any restrictions on the use of night vision devices. In these 20 states, people can freely choose any night vision device for hunting or any other activity. 

Specifications in California

night vision and military useCalifornia is one of the most chosen states when it comes to enjoying different hunting seasons. It is not allowed to use an electronic telescope or a device that incorporates a projected infrared light. We are talking about a set of objects that are not allowed to be used in combination with a firearm.

This set of restrictions only covers some scopes incorporating Gen 0 technology. When it comes to any other later device, the restrictions seem to be disregarded. Even in 1995, there was a bill to include a larger number of night vision models along with restrictions. This bill was never enacted. (1)

Specifications in Minnesota

military man in uniform and goggleIn this state, another type of restriction prevents the use of a night vision device in combination with a firearm for hunting some wild animals. Night vision devices are allowed in conjunction with firearms when military or police use is involved.

The prohibition of night vision devices started through some bills in 2007. One of the few states that today incorporates some overly broad restrictions on these types of hunting devices. 


The purchase or use of a night vision device is fully permitted in general. There are some restrictions in some states when night vision is used for hunting in conjunction with a firearm. The purchase of this device itself is not restricted in any way.

Do you have any questions about it? You could leave your comment below and share the article if you liked it. Any civilian can purchase a night vision device at any time. It is only necessary to check the exact usage in certain places in the United States to avoid inconvenience. 


(1) Gen 0 technology –

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