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Last Updated on March 12, 2021

There are different ways to detect small spy devices that can compromise the privacy of an individual or a family. The different techniques available may offer different results. But before we even go further, let’s try to answer this basic question: what is an RF detector? and we will then proceed to learn these applications for detecting bugs which have become very popular in recent times and let’s find out if they are an efficient option.

We’ve also listed down the best bug detector for you to check! And if you are ever interested in making your own, you may check this learning guide on how to make a bug detector.

Bug Detector Apps

Different apps have emerged that could provide great detection of small spy devices. Technology experts claim that there is no such technology that is infallible. Even the most powerful antivirus does not offer 100% security and protection. Some of these applications can be useful.

1. Hidden Camera Detector

The Hidden Camera Detector can work with iPhone and requires the flash and the smartphone camera. It is an application that uses the camera to be able to scan a certain area of the home. The application will try to detect possible spy cameras as soon as possible. (1)

This application has a cost and only works with the iOS operating system. Among the main targets of this app are pinhole cameras. Along with this type of camera, all cameras with small lenses are also included.

The functionality of this app does not guarantee you find the spy camera that might be in your home. This is a very convenient solution when we analyze the low cost of this application. It is not the only option that is available today.

2. Dontspy

Dontspy requires you to have a smartphone and a magnetometer inside this same device. Users will be able to know if a smartphone has a magnetometer by checking the compass function among the smartphone’s features. (2)

The application would allow the detection of spy cameras and microphones by using the magnetometer together with this same application. The main objective is the detection of the electromagnetic field that this type of spy device usually produces. Today the application has a cost and is available for the iOS operating system.

3. Detectify

Detectify is another application that requires the magnetometer of a smartphone to work. The difference is that it incorporates a friendly interface and is very easy to use. When using this application you only need to scan a certain area of the home. (3)

This application can offer a good level of detection of infrared spy cameras. This is an application that is only available for Android smartphones. We are not sure about the quality of the results of this app, as it is a free app.

Alternative Options

To detect bugs in your home, other options can be much more efficient. You have the possibility of acquiring a radio frequency detector online or in an electronics store. Users with some ingenuity will have the possibility to create their own RF detection tools.

This can be a much more efficient solution to be able to detect different spy devices in your home. It is also necessary to keep in mind that a spy device is usually incorporated in certain special places.

A spy camera should be installed in a place with a large field of view inside a home. The same is true for spy microphones. Considering the specific functionality of a microphone or spy camera will allow you to find such bugs much faster.

Final Words

No type of technology is completely foolproof and safe to use. Applications that detect bugs are an excellent start to detecting spy devices in your home. If you do not get a good result it does not mean that the application does not work. It could simply be that your home is free of bugs.


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