Do Light Bulb Cameras Work? (Surprising Functions Explained)

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Last Updated on August 11, 2021

A popular security implement for a camera is becoming the lightbulb camera, it is a great way to hide something in a household implement and save on a plug.

A common question is can a light bulb camera really work? Yes, it can. The light bulb cameras work by having a camera in the circuit of the light bulb. This allows you to record video even without actually having to turn the light on.

They can capture short clips and store them on micro SD cards in a device. They are easy to control via an internet connection. And they send the output of what it captures to your device, like a smartphone.

Suppose you want to monitor your home or property secretly. In that case, there is nothing better than installing light bulb security cameras. We will cover the details more below.

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Getting Started

bulb light camera

Light bulb cameras have an advantage over other kinds of security cameras because of their naturally hidden design. At first glance, you will not notice that there is a camera installed in the light bulb. Not only will you have eyes in your household, but you will also have a voice. Yes, you can speak and talk through most of these devices, and someone within the range of the light bulb camera will hear you.

Moreover, light bulb cameras also detect movements captured and send a notification into your smartphone, alerting you with anything that enters its field of vision.

How Do Light Bulb Cameras Work?

bulb light camera and app

Light bulb camera series are typically displayed as standard light bulbs. Not only does it illuminate the place, but it provides an additional layer of safety and protection.

Each series of light bulb cameras comes in various designs, shapes, and fixtures. Also, this device has the same features and functionality as other smart-bulb cameras.

Traditional CCTVs can store much larger footage and videos using a DVR. And watch actual activities from an LCD monitor. Light bulb cameras, on the other hand, are suitable for short real-time footage.

They connect via Wi-Fi for video streaming and monitoring. They include a motion-detection sensor for quick alerts, even in remote locations, as long as the Wi-Fi signal is detected.


  1. Plugin the light bulb camera into an existing socket.
  2. Wait for the camera to find the access point.
  3. Go to the phone setting and connect to the access point, “MV + number.”
  4. Install the app (V380 app on the most common bulb) on your smartphone.
  5. Go to V380 and choose “Add Networked Device,” enter an ID and add to the list.
  6. Go to the app network setting, switch to “Station Mode,” select your Wi-Fi and enter your password. Keep it connected.

You may check the video here:

What Are the Capabilities of Light Bulb Cameras?

  • 360 Degrees panoramic view angle, 1920×1080 image resolution. They provide HD-quality pictures or videos.
  • Full HD light camera video function, Night vision, and 2-way audio communication, which means you can hear and speak.
  • They have an intelligent surveillance camera setting, which sends an alert notification to your smartphone in real-time whenever it detects somebody coming or the video screen changes.
  • Wireless connection and easy to install. They support 2.4g Wi-Fi (doesn’t support 5g Wi-Fi)
  • Record, store, and review footage using a micro SD card. Playback is available on your smartphone.


Some of you may be looking for solutions to keep your home secure and protected. Light bulb cameras provide full-time control and supervision with your family and valuables quickly and easily. It provides vision and lets you speak anywhere within range.

Do light bulb cameras work as cameras? Yes, they do work in various ways that will fit your needs. They are an excellent addition to protect your home.

You may want to check here also our learning guide on how to install light bulb camera. Until our next article! Leave a comment below about what you think of modern-day security cameras.


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