How Do Body Cameras Work?

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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

A body camera is one of the most common options used by police officers when conducting surveillance. These types of cameras can also be widely used by civilians to records subtly and efficiently. These cameras are often incorporated in a concealed manner in many situations.

In many states, the police use these devices to be able to monitor their own officer’s behavior and avoid misuse of force by the police. Let’s see what the main function and the main features of these great cams are. 

Before we proceed further, you may check these learning guides that will help you in your research about body cameras. The question of is it legal to wear a body camera will give you more information about legalities when you have one, and you may also like to check what bodycam do police use? Here’s also a list of the best body camera in the market, nowadays!

Main Features of a Body Camera

This type of body camera is a very small device. Some specific designs are used by the police and they are square devices that are not hidden. Police officers often use these devices and place them on their uniforms.

They can also be used to record audio and video and can be used as a headset. A body camera is used primarily to optimize law enforcement efficiency.

After obtaining a video recording the results are saved along with a specific date and time. GPS coordinates are also often incorporated to supplement the location of each video. A body camera can also be used for real-time remote surveillance. (1)

Other implements are more subtle body cameras. A device with a police-like structure is combined with a long cable and a camera is located at the end of the same cable. This camera is usually used as if it were a clothing button. This is more efficient when it comes to obtaining recordings without the consent of other people.

Main Features of a Body-worn Camera

The following features allow us to better understand the scope and general operation of a body-worn camera. 

Remote Surveillance

a woman looking at her laptopA body-worn camera can typically be used to perform remote surveillance. The main user is in charge of obtaining specific images of a place or a person. Another user can be in charge of another location to perform surveillance of everything that the main user is seeing.

This is how the police work. Each police officer is in charge of all his activities by having a body camera on his uniform. Other operators at other sites are in charge of performing surveillance and checking the images they can obtain in real-time from this body camera on each police officer. (2)

Video Recording and Photo-taking

a woman taking a photo using her phoneAs a body camera, it can also be used as a normal camera. You simply need to use this device and get video recordings and photos.

This also indicates that the legality or illegality of a body camera is the same for normal smartphone cameras or any other similar type of camera.

Subtle Design

body camera smallest designWhen it comes to the body camera that a civilian could use subtle design is one of the aspects that is incorporated. When it comes to the camera and camera lens the design is expected to be incorporated into a small device.

These types of cameras are used by resembling their design to the button of any article of clothing. There are also other designs on everyday objects such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, watches, ties, and other similar objects. Some subtle design is always incorporated.

Resolution and Night Vision

a lens for night visionA body camera is also one of the objects that use high resolution. This is one of the most important aspects as a high resolution is what allows it to provide high quality and sharp images. Whether it is police images or images of a civilian, high resolution is one of the important aspects.

Night vision also fulfills a similar functionality to high resolution. Body-worn cameras use night vision to prevent darkness from being an obstacle.

Usage Time

camera on a setting modeUsage time is another important aspect of understanding how body-worn cameras work. The battery capacity of each body camera provides a certain amount of hours of use. This amount of hours can vary depending on the functions you choose to use.


off and on buttonThe activation of the body camera can be done remotely. This requires an operator who is in another location and has the equipment to obtain the remote visualization.

A computer and a wi-fi connection are required. In other situations, a body camera can be activated automatically. Some models may incorporate different sensors and the body-worn camera is activated in certain circumstances. The most common form of activation is through the officer himself. Different body cameras incorporate different storage capacities when image storage is required.

Final Words

A body camera is one of the most commonly used devices to obtain images in a variety of situations. These cameras are designed to not arouse suspicion in the people being filmed. It would only be necessary to use the same camera as a smartphone or a regular camera.

This body camera provides versatile and complete functionality depending on each brand and model. Police often use this type of camera and in some states it is mandatory. Civilians may choose this type of camera when it comes to obtaining evidence on public roads. 


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