How Long Can a Spy Camera Record?

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Last Updated on March 10, 2021

Before answering how long a spy camera can record, you have to know by now how a spy camera works. A spy camera can record the videos in HD, 1080p, 720p, and in other low resolution. There is no specific time of how long the spy cameras can record. The length of the recording period of the spy cameras depends on various factors like the storage space, recording time, and many more. 

Battery-powered spy cameras which run on batteries will have a specific recording time. Meanwhile, spy cameras that operate by getting charged in the electric or power socket can record the video clips endlessly. The ones that need electric charging can capture the footage even when they are in charge mode.  

Here is detailed information on how long the spy cameras can record using different storage cards in various recording modes. Note that the below scenarios are taken into consideration depending only on the storage space. If you include charging or battery, then the recording time may differ.  

In the first scenario, a spy camera has one internal 8 GB storage card. So, if it captures the videos for 30 seconds in a single day, then it can record for a little more than a year (were not taking into consideration standby battery drain). Again, if the same spy camera with one internal 8 GB storage card is used on a busy road, then the maximum recording time of the spy camera will be less than 24 hours. 

In the next scenario, let’s take a spy camera that comes with a 128 GB SD card capacity. The 128 GB storage spy camera can record continuously for over a month if you want the footage in low-resolution (VGA or lower). When the spy camera records the video clips at 720p quality, which is a medium resolution, then the spy camera can record up to eight to nine days. While for 1080p high-definition recordings, the spy camera will last for only six days. (1)

There are a few battery-powered spy cameras that can record for over two years(not including standby time). These types of spy cameras are high-end models which are very expensive. If you want a spy camera that can record video clips for a lengthy period, then it is recommended to choose the charging style spy cameras because these spy cameras can also record the footage even when they are getting charged. 

Presently, the highest GB of spy cameras supports 32 GB storage SD cards which can record for over a month in medium resolution. Later you need to change the SD card to use the spy camera for further recording. If you want a better recording period, select the big storage cards like 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB memory cards only if the spy camera can support it. (2)

A few spy cameras which use 5500mAh batteries can record the videos for six months in standby mode. For lengthy recording, select the spy cameras that have a high-end and powerful battery. 

Hence, the answer to how long the spy camera can record is not a given value as it depends on various other aspects. Still, the modern mini spy cameras can record approximately for more than a month. 

Check out the best spy camera guide we’ve made, and if you’re planning to experiment or do a DIY spy camera, check our learning guide on how to make a spy camera. I hope this learning guide helps you. Until next time!


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