How Much is a Nanny Cam?

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Last Updated on May 17, 2021

People might be wary of some nannies, sometimes you hire a new nanny and just need to make sure they know what they’re doing or you could be suspicious of an existing employee. Today there are nanny cams that allow a good level of surveillance.

These types of cameras have different designs and functions. People require a minimum budget of $25 and in some cases, you can access a high-quality device that requires up to $500. All these options can be adapted in some way to the needs of each family. 

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Different Types of Nanny Cams

Before we proceed in knowing the types of a nanny cam, it’s best to know how does a nanny cam work?

A wide variety of nanny cams can be found today at different costs. Each of these options can offer a higher or lower level of security. These are not a set of cameras that can only be used to keep an eye on nannies. These options can also be used to be alerted to any intruders.

1. Hidden Cameras or Spy Cameras

FECOMI Mini Spy WiFi CameraThis is one of the most common options and it is about objects that are used in everyday life. We can find pens, watches, decorative objects, stuffed animals, battery chargers, among many other options.

People may not know that each of these objects has a built-in hidden camera. This is because they are objects that can function as normal objects. The average costs required for this type of cameras are:

  • Spy Camera Charger: $50
  • Spy Camera Pen 1080p: $34
  • Hidden Camera Alarm Clock: $60
  • Very Small Camera with Motion Sensor: $21

2. Residential Security System

SKYLINK SK-250 Deluxe Connected Wireless Security Alarm Automation SystemPeople may choose a residential security system that provides constant monitoring. This is one of those options that can not only serve to monitor the behavior of any babysitter. You can use this same security system to detect the intrusion of any unwanted person.

These types of systems usually incorporate more than a single camera that is installed in the interiors of the home. These options also usually incorporate motion detection or high resolution. Some of the options available and their budgets are:

  • SimpliSafe: $299 base cost, $15 monthly fees
  • Frontpoint: $320 base cost, $44 monthly fees
  • Vivint Smart Home: $599 base cost, $30 monthly fees
  • Ring Alarm: $199 base cost, $3 monthly fees

3. Indoor Cameras

Ring Indoor CamWhen it comes to monitoring a nanny standalone indoor cameras are usually very versatile. These types of cameras provide excellent remote viewing. It is also possible to connect this device to a PC or smartphone for live images via a WiFi connection. We can find maximum and minimum costs, as well as an average budget. (1, 2)

  • National average cost: $600 x camera
  • Average range: $400 – $800 x camera
  • Minimum cost: $150 x camera
  • Maximum cost: $2,000

Each of these options has a certain cost depending on the features it incorporates. Some of the most important features of a nanny cam are:

  • Resolution
  • Two-way audio
  • Type of power supply
  • Design and structure of the camera
  • Connection type
  • Night vision function

Final Words

People with a budget of $25 to $500 will have access to a wide variety of nanny cam options. The cost of the camera is sometimes tied to the features and the level of design so if you’re going to go cheap, make sure you know you may sometimes get what you pay for and end up upgrading later on.

If you’ve decided by now to buy one, here’s another learning guide that will help you answer where can I hide my nanny cam? Until our next article!


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