How to Find a Spy Microphone in my House

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Last Updated on March 12, 2021

Nowadays spy devices are getting smaller and smaller and more innovative. This can be a great advantage or disadvantage depending on whether we expect or are being spied on by other people. If you think you are being spied on there is no need to resign yourself to this situation. We can mention two main ways to detect a bug in your home. 

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1. Physical Search

The first method that does not require any tools is the physical search for foreign objects. It is necessary to consider that spy devices and microphones are usually very small and subtle. We are looking for an object that is small and that you do not remember putting in your home.

You can look for some wires or electrical circuits that do not seem to belong to an electronic object you own. You can also inspect every single electronic device in your home. Here you should include smoke detectors as any other implement.

A spy bug is placed in an area where people tend to spend a lot of their time. It is advisable to look around lamps or vases or any household objects like kleenex boxes for microphones.

Even some decorative objects can be a bit suspicious when you look closely. When a glossy surface is incorporated this could indicate the presence of a camera. The same can happen with a microphone when you detect a surface other than the surface of a decorative object.

It is necessary to consider that the various spy devices usually require a power supply. Batteries do not last very long as a power source such as a power outlet is most likely. It is an excellent opportunity to search every outlet in your home. An outlet could be used by a foreign object. (1, 2, 3)

2. Search for Radio Frequency or Electrical Signals

Another of the most affordable methods to be able to detect radio frequency signals or electrical signals is to have a tool. There is a wide variety of radio frequency detectors or electrical signal detectors. You have the possibility of purchasing a tool online or hiring a professional who has these tools.

When you use a detector of this type you will be able to perceive a beep or a small sound. This happens when the device has detected a radio frequency signal. Small spy devices such as microphones and spy cameras emit radio frequency signals. It is not always possible to detect such signals very easily.

It may be best to have an RF signal detector and to inspect your home several times. These different inspections should be carried out at different times of the day. Spy devices require an electromagnetic field because they provide data transfer.

A good idea to detect a spy bug in your home is to use an RF detector when you receive a phone call. You can in turn walk around while talking on your cell phone to detect some small crackling or buzzing during the call.

This is usually a clear sign that your cell phone has entered a small electromagnetic field. When this happens it means that you have entered the electromagnetic field zone and are close to the spy microphone.

It is necessary to remember that a spy device requires a power supply just like any other electronic device. It might be more than enough to disable the electronic device from the power supply. In case the spy device is battery operated, just remove the battery from the device.

Final Words

Either of these two techniques will allow you to detect a spy microphone or any other spy device. This is a very common set of electronic devices that are used these days. These techniques will be more than enough for you to protect your privacy. And if you’re keen on making your DIY spy microphone, then, check out this learning guide on how to make a spy microphone. Enjoy! and until next time!


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