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Last Updated on March 11, 2021

Hiding a mini spy camera requires a bit of ingenuity. When you’re hiding these devices your main goal is having them concealed to a point that no one will be able to find it for at least the amount of time you will be recording and at most for a permanent solution. We have used our expertise in the industry to provide you a guide below.

Hiding the Mini Spy Camera

pile of books in a bookshelf mounted on the wall

When the time comes to hide a spy camera it is possible to choose a wide variety of places. We can provide some good ideas for objects that can be found in any home. The most important thing here is to consider the essential factors when hiding a spy camera.

  • Do not obstruct the camera’s view

Choosing some kind of object to hide the spy camera is an excellent idea. Many people decide to choose a plant or some decorative object as a way to disguise the fact that a mini spy camera is hidden there. The inappropriate location for the camera could block the view of the device.

This not only impairs the performance of the camera but also the camera could be rendered useless. A camera that cannot focus is not very useful. When choosing an object in the home to hide the camera, the lens mustn’t be obstructed.

  • Choosing a solid surface

 Choosing a solid surface is another very important aspect to prevent the spy camera from falling to the floor. We must consider that it is a small electronic device. This means that different vulnerable components are incorporated inside any spy camera. 

Spy cameras could break and stop working just when you need them. A solid and stable surface will be the most suitable to be able to keep using your spy camera at all times.

  • Use a variety of shapes and colors

 Hunters who do not want to be detected in the jungle look for shapes and colors from nature. They often wear clothing that resembles the natural environment. You should do the same with your camera to camouflage this electronic device.

When you place the spy camera in a place surrounded by similar colors and shapes the electronic device is much more difficult to detect. If it is a black spy camera, a dark place is recommended. In these cases, a dark background black objects or a place with the necessary darkness are more than enough.

All the people who were looking at the place where the camera is located could not detect that there was a device that was spying on them. Even this aspect is one of the most important to be able to hide a spy camera in plain sight.

  • Natural hiding places

 Within a home, certain elements are too commonplace and normal to pay too much attention to. All of these items can be of great help when installing a spy camera. Uninteresting objects such as a ceiling or a shelf in the interior are very useful.

It is also possible to choose an elevated part of a tree. You can also incorporate some material with a color similar to the tree. In this manner, you will be combining a natural hiding place with a camouflage method. The result of this will simply be a well-functioning spy camera that will fail to be detected. 

Good Ideas for Spy Camera Hiding Places

working desk with laptop, cup and a plant vase

As soon as you have been able to get the best spy camera for you, you will have the possibility to choose the most suitable hiding place. Creativity and shrewdness when installing the spy camera are essential. It is all about choosing the best possible place to get an excellent view.

The best possible place should also be one that is very difficult to detect by anyone. When a camera is detected it can no longer provide the best performance. This happens because people will no longer act naturally. What we want here is to detect the natural behavior of some people.

  • Outdoor lights, Water sprinklers, or PVC pipes: As we have mentioned, all these objects are too many every day and uninteresting to pay attention to. This is an excellent location, as people do not think that this is where a spy camera is hidden. (1)
  • Shrubs or Trees: Both shrubs and trees present a perfect hiding place for a spy camera. You should make sure that leaves or branches are not an obstacle to the view. It is also important to make sure that the spy camera is waterproof.
  • Birdhouses or Doorbells: Especially doorbells can be very useful to be able to detect certain people at close range.
  • Everyday household items: There is a wide variety of options such as a box of tissues, fake stones, stuffed animals, smoke detectors, among many other options. This is where your creativity can come in handy when choosing the best possible location.
  • Additional hiding places: You can also choose indoor luminaires, plants, flower pots, fruit bowls, various decorative objects, a purse, a button, or a simple pen. The possibilities are more than wide and you will be able to search for an object depending on where you want to place your spy camera. (2)

Final Words

When you consider the location of a spy camera, then you should consider that creativity is essential. We have developed some good ideas to be able to get the perfect place.

It is necessary to consider that the two main aspects are the camouflage of the spy camera and the functionality. It is all about finding the best field of view to be able to hide a spy camera in plain sight. The chances of the camera being detected must also be reduced. 

You may want to check what is the smallest camera you can buy in the market nowadays and you may see here some learning guide on how does a mini camera works? This way you will have more understanding when it comes to min cameras. Until next time!


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