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Last Updated on March 10, 2021

Purchasing a spy camera can be quite costly, and since you’ve bought one, you should also make sure it the best spy camera out there. But you can easily save some money by making a spy camera on your own. By using the materials in your home, you can make a good quality spy camera. 

Making a Spy Camera Using a Webcam 

a webcam in a yellow wall background
Step 1: 

If you have an old webcam, you can use its camera lens. In case you don’t have it, cheaper webcams are available in the market due to their declining demand. One thing to remember is that the lens needs to be small for the overall size to remain unnoticeable. If you want high-definition footage, go with the webcams with 1080p or at least the ones that come with a 720p resolution. 

Step 2: 

Now take the webcam, and discard the outermost shell. Upon removing it, you can see the lens which is mounted to the circuit board. It will make it easier for you to hide the camera lens due to its compact size. 

Step 3: 

You have to carefully select the item in which you want to keep the camera lens to record. It is advised that everyday objects like clocks, detectors, or even paintings, should be avoided because people are usually aware that these are the most popular choices for hiding a spy camera. It is smart to choose objects like a tissue box, plant pots, or shoeboxes placed in a strategic location. For office use, the items like an electric pencil sharpener or a storage box can be a perfect pick. 

Step 4: 

After selecting the object, you have to mount the camera inside it. Start making a tiny hole. While setting up the camera, ensure that the lens is facing outwards, where it can record without any restrictions. Check whether the camera fits perfectly or not. Keep in mind that the placement or the shape should not be too obvious so as to not attract unwanted attention. Attach the camera to the object using a glue gun or superglue. You have to be careful while handling the glue and ensure none of it gets smudged on the camera lens, as it will dim the video quality.  

Step 5: 

Try keeping small weights inside the object so that it won’t be too light; we recommend using fishing weights. In case you don’t have them, use a flat and thick chunk of metal.  

Step 6: 

Attach the USB cable to the rear end of the object. If the cord is short, place the camera near charging outlets or a computer to facilitate a 24*7 power supply. Also, don’t forget to cover the cable as it can look out of place and attract attention. (1)

Step 7: 

Point the camera lens or the object towards the direction you want to keep an eye on. Start recording and check the footage quality. 

How to Make a Pen Spy Camera

a pen at the top of a black notebook

The best choice of spy camera models for outdoors or office is a two-way pen spy camera. It can record the footage and looks unsuspicious. 

Step 1: Gathering Materials 

First of all, you have to get a high video resolution and small-size camera lens. Make sure that all the things you use are small enough to fit in a pen sleeve. Other elements that you will need should be high-quality and fully functional, including a switch button, functioning rechargeable battery, mini camera lens, USB charging port, tiny LED indicator light, PCB circuit board, and SD storage card slot. (2)

Step 2: Picking the Pen 

It is time to get a pen that looks like an ordinary pen with an ordinary shape. Some pens to avoid are those with too narrow or thin pen sleeves because there won’t be enough space to place all the necessary elements. 

Step 3: Installing the Elements 

Now you have to set up the camera lens and other elements inside the pen. Firstly, at the top part of the pen, you have to place the button switch. With a single click, you can turn on the camera. You will also need to place the small camera lens at the lid of the pen, so when you are clicking the pen to turn the camera on, it will come out to record videos or capture images. Similarly, you have to make a charging and SD card slot. 

Step 4: Testing the Spy Camera 

Record the events in front of you to check how the spy pen camera is working or not.

Making Spy Camera from an Old Phone

four old phones
Step 1: 

Take your old phone and discard the back cover, covering the battery, camera, and other components. Now carefully, take out the camera. 

Step 2: 

Now hold a USB cable. You have to carefully cut the cable to a finger size length. After cutting it, slice the plastic covering of the cord. You will see the wires in four different colors, take each wire and bend it downwards. Now do the same to the other three wires. Make sure they bend down in different directions. 

Step 3: 

Take the mini camera which you got from the old phone. If you look at it closely, you will be able to see a small green board. Attach the four wires to the board in the gold-colored areas. Make sure to attach them properly using glue. 

Step 4: 

Now take a look at the camera. You have to plug the USB into the computer to access the recordings. Also, for charging the spy camera, place it in an electric charging outlet attached to an adapter. 

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There are numerous simple ways to make a spy camera without using up much time and effort or money. Depending on the accessibility of the above materials, you can use any method to create your very own spy camera. And here’s a learning guide on how long can a spy camera record, this way you have an idea already what storage you will have for your own spy camera. Until next time!


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