How to Make an Endoscope Camera at Home?

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Last Updated on March 23, 2021

An endoscopic camera can be a very useful tool for a wide variety of situations. Purchasing an endoscopic camera can be a bit expensive for most people. This is not going to be necessary, because we are going to teach you the best way to create a homemade endoscopic camera.

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How to Make a Homemade Endoscopic Camera – Step by Step

Since this is a camera that uses complex procedures, it would seem that it would be difficult to create this tool. This is not true since with a few elements and a simple procedure it is possible to create an endoscopic camera at home. It is only necessary to follow the following steps to obtain this tool.

  • Having an old laptop or an old cell phone

a woman typing on a laptopIn many places, there are laptops or cell phones that are no longer in use. People usually change these electronic devices every few years. It is also one of the fundamental elements to be able to get our homemade endoscopic camera working.

Either a laptop or an old cell phone can be used here as both usually have a built-in video camera. People who do not have either of these options have the possibility of acquiring some kind of simple camera with the most convenient resolution.

It is not necessary to have too high a budget as in that case it would be more convenient to purchase a new endoscopic camera.

  • Micro USB cable

a white USB cableThe micro USB cable is another fundamental element to be able to connect the cell phone with the rest of the components. This cable must have an adequate extension so that you can get an endoscopic camera as such. It is even advisable to have a good length of cable in case it is needed in the future.

It is also possible to have a simple USB cable and some additional adapters. The most common is that people have a micro USB cable if they also have an old cell phone.

  • Cutting the cable and making the connection

another end of a USB cableIt is necessary to make the connection properly according to the specific brand of the cell phone. It is necessary to connect the red part with the positive part and the black part of the cable with the negative part. It is also necessary to obtain a good current conductivity using a soldering iron.

It is simply a matter of removing the small camera from the cell phone or laptop. This small camera has certain connectors that can be attached to the cut wires of the USB cable.

The red part is always the positive part while the black part is always designated for the negative part. We will get a cable with a USB connection on one side and a camera on the other side.

The green and white wires must also be connected. The white wire is the one behind the red part. The green wire should be located behind the black part. 

  • Making the necessary adjustments

hot melt silicone glue in color blue greenUsing hot melt glue with hot silicone is a good way to make sure that the result will last. It is a matter of properly securing the connection we have made between the cables and the camera. This can provide excellent rigidity and waterproofing. (1)

This is a very important step to obtain the proper durability of this new tool we are creating. People who do not apply this step correctly will get too short a durability from the endoscopic camera. This may simply mean one or two uses before the tool will deteriorate.

  • Apply final details

USB cord attached to a power bankIt is possible to incorporate some additional details according to the utility that each user wishes to give to this new tool. Users wishing to obtain an endoscopic camera that is rigid enough to be used in different places. It is recommended to use some straws that are used to drink from soda cans.

It is only necessary to cut the length of the straw to be able to introduce the wires inside. Then it is simply necessary to use again hot glue or hot silicone to seal the straw. We will be able to obtain a much more rigid and protected cable to use in different places.

  • Connecting the camera

USB cord connected to a laptopUsing some kind of application it will be possible to use the new camera we have created. This camera can be connected through the USB connection of our cable with a laptop or a cell phone. Once it is possible to visualize what the camera is capturing we have achieved our work now finished.

This endoscopic camera will be able to be used in a large number of places. It is necessary to consider that an endoscopic camera is usually used to investigate the inside of the human body. We adamantly recommend that you only use this specific homemade camera for purposes such as checking inside of cars or hard-to-reach areas. If you plan to use this in the human body keep in mind we in no way condone this use and there are large amounts of risks and dangers such as a piece breaking off or sharp edges so use extreme caution and if you can avoid this use altogether. 

If you choose to ignore the warnings, for this homemade endoscopic camera to be used in this manner, some aspects should be considered.

This endoscopic camera should have a certain impermeability in all areas. A hypoallergenic and disinfected coating should be used. A homemade endoscopic camera can also be very useful as a simple spy camera. Regardless of the specific use that each user gives it, the truth is that it is a very easy tool to create. (2)

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Final Words

It can be very useful to have an endoscopic camera in different situations of everyday life. It is not very difficult to put together an endoscopic camera with a few household items. A good level of judgment is recommended when using this camera to spy on other people as well.


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