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Last Updated on February 23, 2021

Over the past five years, there has been a tremendous amount of innovation and changes in the spy tech industry. Spy tech has become smaller, and new situations have arisen that require new technologies. This year is no different. In this article, we are going to go through some of the latest and most exciting advancements in spy technology and what this means for the industry and people that are buying new technology in 2019.

Smaller devices

small computer chip for spyingOver the past few years, one of the most significant changes was the ability to put spy technology within smaller devices. Year-over-year chip technology and storage technology has been decreasing in size, and the amount of power that you can get into a gadget of a more modest scale has dramatically increased, this has led us to new technological innovations and new records being set every couple of months in the camera space.

Smaller cameras

One of the most significant changes has been direct to mini cameras and being able to hide these cameras in different objects. Years back we would have massive spy cameras that we would have to hide in larger devices to achieve full HD. Right now full HD is present in cameras the size of a coin. This advancement has done wonders for different types of many small cameras including the new but in cameras that are coming outs that are virtually untraceable when doing a personal search or pat down. For a list of the best mini cameras available, this year click here.

These small cameras have been adapted and put in many different household devices and advancements that are looking thinner and more secret than ever take for example the new trend we see in spy technology that is in household items. One of the more popular household items and new products out there is the spy camera in a picture frame. This picture frame spy camera looks just like a standard picture frame but because of the advancements in sizing it has a camera attached within it, years back this would not be achievable.

Increased storage

small storageYears back it was common to get cameras only with a certain amount of gigabytes usually being just enough for a video before you had to reset it now we can store massive amounts of data in small microSD storage devices. About five years back we would commonly see 4 GB in a microSD as significant storage rates however now you can see 14 GB 15 GB and expansions up to 30 GB in small cameras, this is not even talking about the larger cameras that exist that can far surpass this.

How the cell phone industry is leading to better spy technology

One of the biggest helpers to spy tech research and productivity growth has been the cell phone industry. Because of the ever-growing increases in storage capacity, camera strength, and microchip size and even battery within smaller devices we have been able to take advantage of these changes and leverage them into new spy technology products.

One of the more significant changes has been the improvements in cameras and camera size. You can now get a full HD camera in an incredibly small size while still maintaining all of its lens strength.

The next most significant innovation from cell phones that have carried over has been the storage, continuous improvements in different manufacturers specifications have grown the storage industry and allowed them to make improvements to provide smaller and smaller models within devices.

New products

HD Spy Drones

spy dronesThe market for spy drones has exploded within the past few years. When drones became incredibly popular around the world, it was inevitable that side industries would come from the drones and one of those huge benefits was having the ability to load spy cameras on to the drones. Though there have been some issues within the government’s legal system as to the legality of having these drones flying all over America and taking videos you can still see that they have become incredibly popular and now have the ability to have full 1080 P HD cameras with up to 10 hours of recording time on them. These drones have been a massive industry change in the spy technology area and aren’t currently the hottest toy in spy tech.

Smartwatches with recorders

smart watch camera

Only recently have we seen smartwatches that can hold a long enough charge to make them practical outside of quick use. The most significant issue for smartwatches has always been battery life the battery has never lasted long enough to make these devices feasible without having to recharge them every couple of hours constantly. However new wood Vance Mintz in battery technology fitting more power into smaller cells have allowed smartwatches to advance and become more practical for use. The practicality of smartwatches has led to some particular companies experimenting with putting recorders, cameras, and video recording within these devices. Though the video recording is not yet very developed, the voice recording has been promising as well as the ability to take photos. We see this area in particular as one of the areas with the most potential for improvement since shorter battery life and sizing is still slightly holding back this device from its real possibility. Imagine a smartwatch that can take video in 1080 P, record audio perfectly and have a battery life that lasts for a couple of days, this is the ideal, and although we’re not yet there, it is promising that every year they are getting better and slowly creeping towards this end goal. For a list of some of the top smartwatches this year you can take a look at this article.

Acceptability within the media

spy tech in the mediaOld television shows like cheaters and candid camera paved the way for some of the biggest spy tech in the industry, however new media is placing spy tech everywhere, and it’s becoming more and more acceptable that someone somewhere could be watching you at any moment. With the advent of more and more social media people are becoming more comfortable with having their lives recorded and watching the recording of other people. People are becoming more mindful of what they do for fear of someone somewhere catching a glimpse of it and posting to YouTube. This openness over recording and video content have led to both benefits and negatives. The benefits have been an opening up of technology and advancements in the tech industry to take advantage of the growing popularity in videography. However, the negatives have been governments taking a closer look on what we are and are not allowed to do with our spy technology.

Legalities in spy technology

The past few years we have seen a large number of new laws targeting the spy technology industry some of these laws have been regarding being able to film certain people without their permission, however they have stayed lax and most of them are geared towards sexual-harassment rather than hobby use.

What we expect for 2020 and beyond

Because of the improvements in technology and these trends we expect to see much more hidden cameras within small devices and products taking advantage of these smaller sizes. Expect to see even smaller cameras with even larger capacities and strength. We expect the drone surveillance market to continue to grow with stronger and better as well as more reliable products. As these technologies become more accepted in common, we do expect some more legal amendments.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a collector or just trying to choose a fun gift for someone spy technology has it all. As one of the oldest industries there will always be new gadgets and new inventions coming out. This has been a great year in the industry, and we’re excited to see what kind of new trends next year will bring. For a list of the top spy cameras available visit our article here.

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