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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

The types of body cameras most commonly used by the police are:

  • V300 Police Body Camera
  • LensLock Body Worn Cameras and Docking Stations
  • BWX-100 Body-Worn Camera
  • Getac Video – Body-Worn Camera
  • FOCUS X1 – Body-Worn Camera

Body cameras are widely used by various law enforcement agencies as they serve several functions. Public accountability and law enforcement are the two main functions that are easiest to fulfill with a body-worn camera.

These types of cameras incorporate a diverse set of functions and features. The body-worn camera used by any police officer is also known as wearable camera, body-worn camera, or body-worn video.

It is a dual-lens camera that police officers wear in their uniforms. This camera is located at the chest level of the person to obtain good images in photographs or videos. It incorporates a certain number of features which we mention below, but before that, you might want to check this learning guide on how do body cameras work, and you may also learn more about the best body camera in the market nowadays!

Types of Police Body Cameras

We can mention the features of each one. 

1. V300 Police Body Camera

/Users/msxysarhea/Downloads/V300 Police Body CameraThis is one of the most popular models used by the police due to the versatile functions that can adapt to police situations. The image capture, continuous wireless operation, and other features provide a good tool for a police officer.




  • 12-hour continuous operation time
  • Natural field of view
  • Data encryption for procedural protection
  • Recording that can be integrated with an in-car system
  • Wireless functionality
  • Detachable battery

2. LensLock Body Worn Cameras and Docking Stations

LensLock Body Worn Cameras and Docking StationsThis is another one of the most popular body-worn cameras implemented these days and for some time now in police officers. The outstanding features of this option are as follows.

  • Compact and versatile design
  • Front button recording
  • Simultaneous photo capture and video recording
  • Automatic infrared night vision lights
  • Vibration mode that does not produce sound or lights
  • Wi-fi control report

3. BWX-100 Body-Worn Camera

BWX-100 Body-Worn CameraPolice officers often need images to support any type of legal proceedings. This body-worn camera incorporates several features that have made it a popular model. These features are:

  • Bi-directional camera activation
  • LCD screen with a high level of image clarity and sharpness (1)
  • Wide-angle lens complemented by a high dynamic range sensor
  • Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity
  • HD video recording for up to 12 hours continuously
  • Complementary operation with mobile applications

4. Getac Video – Body-Worn Camera

Getac Video - Body-Worn CameraWhen it comes to police procedures in all kinds of situations you need a rugged structure. That’s why this body-worn camera manages to adapt to the harsh conditions of various procedures.



  • Automatic camera activation
  • Quick and easy to use video tagging
  • High fidelity audio quality
  • Connectivity, GPS Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Versatile unit for use in uniform
  • Waterproof and high resistance structure 

5. FOCUS X1 – Body-Worn Camera

Focus X1 Body CameraThis is another of the most popular body cameras used by many police forces. Each of the functions of this camera is specifically tailored to the procedure being carried out by the police.

  • Subtle design
  • Battery life for one police officer’s shift
  • Easy recording start
  • Fast battery recharging
  • Intuitive alerts and notifications
  • Night vision available
  • Compatible with in-car devices
  • Efficient and fast video uploading 

Any of these cameras is an excellent complement to the tasks a police officer must perform. Whether it is maintaining public order or limiting the abuse of the police force, a body camera is always there to help with the balance. (2)

Final Words

The police use special body cameras to help enforce the law properly and to protect civilians from any kind of police abuse. This type of equipment is similar to other body cameras although it is not the same. Knowing how police body cameras work means knowing more about this type of electronic device.


(1) LCD screen – https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/LCD-liquid-crystal-display
(2) Night vision – https://www.explainthatstuff.com/hownightvisionworks.html

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