What does a GPS Tracker look like?

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Last Updated on May 10, 2021

It is usually a small box with some electronic components inside. Some antenna or led light is usually incorporated in the outer part. They also work with the vehicle’s electrical system or with a battery system. We will analyze the characteristics in more detail below.

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GPS Tracker Features and Appearance

Most of the time, a GPS tracking device is a tiny device intended to go unnoticed. It requires a very well-trained eye to be able to find this device installed in any car.

  • Dimensions

Looking for a large device is a bad start to finding a GPS tracking device. The length of a GPS tracking device is no more than 4 inches long or even 3 inches.

The thickness can be as much as 1 inch or less, while the width is 2 inches on most occasions. When you need to find a GPS tracking device, these dimensions are critical.

A GPS tracking device is complicated to find because it is small. This provides greater versatility when the person must install the device. 

  • Structure 

a GPS device

The structure of a GPS tracking device is usually similar to what a small box is. Inside this box, there are usually all the small hardware components needed to track the location of any person.

The outside is usually black on most occasions. A GPS tracking device is an implement that should go unnoticed. Even when installed on the undercarriage, you could camouflage this small device.

  • Antenna and Lights

Depending on the model of the GPS tracking device, lights or an antenna may be incorporated. A small red light could be flashing, indicating the presence of a GPS tracking device.

Some models incorporate a small antenna so a much more robust connection can be established with the satellites.

  • Power Supply

a GPS connector

We can find a GPS tracking device that does not need any cable. It is simply a battery-operated device, and it has a certain lifespan.

Some cables could also be incorporated when the GPS tracking device does not have a battery or requires car power for longer usage time. A line could connect this device to the car’s electrical system. (1)

Final Words

Once you know each of the features of a GPS tracking device, you will find one installed in your car if it’s there. Whenever you look for a GPS tracking device, it is always about finding a small electronic box. The user will need to have a very trained eye to be able to spot a small device. When the GPS tracking device is found, it is effortless to disable it.

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(1) car’s electrical system – https://blog.firestonecompleteautocare.com/batteries/your-cars-electrical-system/

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