What Does a Spy Camera Look Like?

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Last Updated on March 11, 2021

It is not a simple task to describe what a spy camera looks like. With the advancement of technology, spy cameras come in various sizes, shapes, and even as integrated objects. 

Some hidden spy cameras are relatively small whose size is similar to the pinhole or a keychain. Manufacturers are getting quite creative when it comes to designing spy cameras. And all these small cameras have various features like HD video resolution, Micro SD card slot, motion detection, and even mobile apps for monitoring. 

Here is some information on what some spy cameras look like: 

1. Smoke Detector Camera

smoke detectorThis is one of the common looks for a spy camera. It is either placed in the middle or any corner of the smoke detector, making it impossible to find. Still, with thorough observation, you can find it.

2. Charger or Adapter Camera 

chargerA few spy cameras are present in the middle part of the charger. These kinds of spy cameras are 2-in-1 devices that you can use as a spy camera and a charger. When it is plugged into the power outlet, it looks like an ordinary charger, but if you observe closely, you can detect a mini spy camera. 

3. Gaming Dice Camera

gaming diceSome mini cameras are disguised as dice or cubes, which people use for playing indoor games. In general, you can look for the spy camera on the side of the cube. The spy camera lens looks like the dots in the dice. 

4. Wall Clock Camera 

wall clockThe spy cameras in a wall clock look like a small round camera. You can find the hidden camera in the inner part of any digit. Due to the dark color, it can’t be seen easily. Meanwhile, the spy camera in some digital display clocks looks like a small LED indicator. Many people think that the LED is a status indicator. But if you take a close look, you will know that it is a spying camera. (1)

5. Pen Camera 

penWith the new technology, now the spy cameras look like stationery pens. With a close look at the pen, it is easy to find the round spy camera lens. 

6. Light Bulb Camera 

light bulbSome spy cameras are fixed in the light bulbs. Due to the light bulb’s design and color, you cannot see the spy camera at a single glance. 

7. Charging Outlet Camera 

charging outletJust like in the charger camera, the spy cameras are also present in a power outlet. It became easy for manufacturers to attach a spy camera to the charging outlet because of its structure. 

shirt button
8. Shirt Button Camera 

Some mini spy cameras have a similar shape and design to the shirt buttons. So many people use these spy cameras for conferences, meetings, or when going outside. As you know, a spy camera may look like a shirt button, so from now on, be aware of your surroundings. 


9. USB or Pen Drive Camera 

USB DriveThe spy camera is also placed in the USB or pen drive. They look like the small switches on the pen drive. (2)

10. Stuffed Toy Camera 

stuffed toyThe eyes of the stuffed toys like dogs, cats, and teddy bears are similar to the black mini camera lens. The spy cameras look like the eyeball of the baby toys. 

11. Shower Gel or Shampoo Bottle Camera 

shower gel bottleA few spy cameras are hidden in the shower gel packet or other big bottles. The spy camera also looks like a toothbrush pin holder, geyser appliance buttons, and many more. 

12. Eyeglasses Camera

eye glassAnother common thing of what the spy cameras look like is the spectacles or the eyeglasses. You can find the spy camera on the bridge or endpiece part of the glasses. 

13. Others 

Spy cameras can look like various shapes such as square, triangle, round, oval, rectangle, and more. 

The spy cameras look like many things, and most of the spy cams resemble daily essentials and you may be asking can a cellphone detect a hidden camera? The short answer is YES, your smartphone can do that. Now that you already have the above information, it will be easy for you to find spy cameras. Next to that, you should learn is how you can set up a spy camera around your home and office, see a list here. Until next time!


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(2) USB – https://www.electronics-notes.com/articles/connectivity/usb-universal-serial-bus/basics-tutorial.php

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