Michael Davis

Hi, I am Michael, I hail from Tampa Bay, Florida. I have had positions in both security and private investigation over the years. I currently dedicate my time to security and in my spare time help write and manage the Gadgets Spy blog.

I love these products and love reviewing them. Something about spy tech makes me feel like a child again when I get in to it. That sense of excitement and interest every time I handle a new gadget that can record something and unsuspectingly.

We live in a age of digital media and privacy breaches and sensitivity. I completely understand that and try to outline this in some of our articles and reviews where we clearly state that these items should be used for ethical purposes. Personally I try to be as ethical as possible and even provide guides and outlines on the ethics of these products.

My personal review philosophy involves me checking as many of our products as I can myself and if I cannot get a hold of one of these I will use verified sources or friends within the industry to give me the best advice. I also use a mix of other review sources to make sure you get the best reviews and articles you can.

If you ever have an issue or feel like an article was writen in a unethical way or would like to request a change feel free to visit our contact section and send out a message, either myself or my partner will respond.

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About Gadgets Spy

Hi, I’m Michael, a security and surveillance expert. I co-founded and write for GadetsSpy and help teach people about new tech and Gadgets.