The 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras of 2024

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Whatever your motivation, a spy camera is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your home or loved ones. Sometimes you need a mini camera hidden in a common item to make sure your intent is concealed. With the present-day demands, people are lining up for spy cameras to make viral prank videos, reveal the foul-mannered people or customer service by companies, watching pets, and many more uses. We are here to answer your questions on which one to choose! After careful research, we have selected the best, but our top selection has to be the SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera because of its specs, video quality, and affordability. 

We will discuss:

  • A quick overview with a rapid-fire explanation about each spy camera 
  • Our experiences with the best spy cameras with detailed reviews 
  • A final buying guide to support you through the tedious decision of choosing the ultimate hidden camera

    Quick Summary: Best Spy Camera

    Our editors go through and research, test and qualify our recommended products. We receive commissions on purchases from certain links.

    • Best Overall: SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera
      This small, compact, and specification-oriented spy camera is so tiny that it can fit in any corner or small space. It is loaded with top-notch features like motion detection, good field of view, and is also budget-friendly.”
    • Best Adaptable: AHD 1080P WIFI FHD Mini Button Camera
      “A tiny FHD camera that can be adapted to fit literally anywhere including plants and under monitors and hard to reach areas..”
    • Best Easy To Use:  1080P Video Spy Watch
      “This spy camera is the simplest to use and is a top-quality spy 1080P watch. Do everything in a single click like one-click LED, camera, photography, and recording. It comes with a strong covering and is solid yet lightweight.”
    • Best For Outdoors: Smart Spy Sunglasses HD 1080P
      “This is the best option on our list to look cool but at the same time, if you want to record your surroundings. It records high-definition videos with a 150 minute record time and usually comes with a wide visual field of view.”
    • Best Spy Pen: Samiadat Hidden Spy Camera Pen
      “With its sleek and discreet design, the spy pen can capture the view in high-quality resolution. Besides that, no one can notice that it is a spy device as the camera is hidden and small.”
    • Best 360-Degree view: 360 Degree Wi-Fi Bulb Hidden Camera
      “The hidden camera is placed in the inner center of the bulb, and it covers every angle by giving a whole 360-degree recording. This spy camera is one of the creative hidden cameras on the table with all the crucial home security features.”
    • Best Hook Style: Clothes Hook Mini Camera
      “Clothes Hook Mini Camera is an excellent option if you want to place a hidden security camera by not making it noticeable. It is fixed in the hook and can record wide-angle footage.”
    • Best Undetectable: HD Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Spy Camera
      “This is one of the hidden cameras that come with a user-friendly app for monitoring. It had some quite standout features like 1080p HD quality, Wi-Fi enabled, app controls, high definition videos, motion-activated feature, and more.”
    • Top Rated: 1080P Wifi Camera Mini Clock
      “This spy camera is one of the best rated on our list. This is a small-sized clock that comes with an in-built camera and records 1080P and high definition videos. Moreover, it is small in size and shape, which allows it to get almost invisible in the surroundings and doesn’t pique much interest from passersby.”
    • Best Spy Camera Speakers: UOOYOO Hidden Spy WiFi Camera
      “You can use this spy camera speaker both for home and office purposes. It can record the footage in high-quality resolution. Plus, the spy speakers come with motion detection features which will save memory and power.”

    The Top 10 Best Spy Cameras

    Best Overall

    Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Area of Vieew: 150 degrees
    Dimensions: 1 x 1 x1cm
    Motion Detection: Yes

    The SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera records an entire HD tape with the high-resolution definition. This mini spy camera maintains and records 30 frames in a second. You can have a wide-angled recording view as it captures everything that falls into 150 degrees. 

    We loved high quality and eye-catching images and videos which were provided by the IR light of this hidden spy camera. Another element that pulled our attention is it records just when there is an activity. Therefore, this motion detection protects a bunch of battery and storage space and thus easily works well for an entire week. This hidden camera package comes with an extra 32GB memory card space in which all the recordings will be saved.

    And most importantly, one set of the water-resistant enclosure is included in the package, where you can place the spy camera. So, you don’t need to worry about the dog camera as it can withstand and record even during rain or in shallow depths of water.

    What We Liked: 

    • Detects every type of movements in just a snap 
    • It has a huge battery span and storage capacity 
    • Comes with a water-resistant compartment box
    • It has an IR light

      What We Didn’t Like:

      • Only the external case is waterproof
      • It has a water-resistant compartment but not IP rated

        Best Adaptable

        Video Resolution: HD 1080
        Field of View: 90 degrees
        Dimensions: Not Specified
        Motion Detection: Yes

        Smaller than your fingertips, AHD 1080P WI-FI FHD Mini Button Camera is very tiny and flexible. It can easily be hidden anywhere, even in the place of a button on your shirt. It is the perfect choice if you want the camera on you or are struggling with a disguise.

        This camera has a large storage capacity of 64GB, but the SD card is not included. You’ll have to invest in it additionally. It has a long battery life that enables 3 hours of continuous video recording.

        One of the best features of this camera is motion detection, which saves storage and battery. One of the major drawbacks of this product is that it includes neither night mode nor water resistance. While water resistance isn’t much of an issue, the lack of night vision can be a significant hindrance since the images aren’t clear, even in low light.

        This spy camera is relatively easy to use. WI-FI-enabled, it allows you to view a live feed on your smartphone from a remote location. The bonus attribute is that you can connect up to four mini button cameras on a single smartphone! Another exciting feature is that you can ditch the video and only turn on the audio mode to save the hogging of storage. The camera also supports recording and charging at the same time.


        • Four cameras can be connected to a single smartphone
        • Motion detection present
        • Size of a button
        • Can record and charge at the same time


        • Night mode not available
        • Not water resistant

        Best Wrist Watch Camera

        Recording Resolution: 1920 x 1080
        Area View: Not defined
        Product Dimensions: 11 x 2.1 x 0.8 cm
        Motion Detection: Yes

        One of the best shot cameras that is fitted in a watch. The hidden camera shoots entire HD videos with high resolution with 30 frames in a single second as the frame frequency. Besides, it includes a loop recording, so the staircase capacity is not. a matter of concern. It again contains a night mode option which assists in recording HD videos in darkness.

        It comes with a rechargeable battery with sufficient power of 450mAh. All the batteries are polymer lithium made batteries which easily maintains video recording for about one and half hour after a fully charged. You can charge it with a 5V current using the AC mount. 

        The hidden camera carries an in-built 8GB storage and if you put in a memory card, it can reach up to 32GB or 64GB. After downloading the Roadcam app you can have live streaming. It has three types of in-built LED light modes which are SOS, fragile, and powerful. 

        What We Liked: 

        • This is dust resistant, water-resistant, frost-resistant, shock resistant
        • It is durable and shows resistance to fall
        • This spy camera uses IPX7 water-resistant technology
        • Comes with an in-built LED with three sets of modes 
        • It has enough storage area 

          What We Didn’t Like:

          • It might be a bit hard to find the right recording angle 
          • It doesn’t have any movement detection feature

            Best Sunglasses Camera

            Recording Resolution: 1080
            Area View: 155 degrees
            Product Dimensions:  Not Specified
            Movement Detection: No

            This smart spy camera sunglasses comes with 1080p HD and possesses a 2MP camera that captures entire HD videos with a frame rate of 30 frames per single second. You can furthermore record 4032 x 3024 p images and can conserve them in the memory card which comes with a maximum limit of 32GB storage capacity.

            It needs additional duration to search through the tedious recordings and clears up the storage capacity with unnecessary videos. It has a built-in Wi-Fi connection enabling feature which lets you keep a tab on the recording view. All you need to do is only connect your smart device to a network, and there you can have the recording footage.

            It has 155 degrees view which gives a wider and detailed picture for decent vision. The spy camera includes a 380mah battery which can constantly capture the view for about 150 minutes. The hidden camera is packed with one user guide which contains setting up instructions, a set of lenses, one USB charger cable, and lastly a bag to store eyeglasses bag.

            What We Liked: 

            • The glasses are fashionable and look cool 
            • It records considerable space with its flexible 155 degrees angle feature 
            • High-quality images

              What We Didn’t Like:

              • This spy camera watch is not resistant to water
              • Constant and endless recording

                Best Spy Pen

                Recording Resolution: 1080p
                Area View: Not specified
                Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 1.93 x 1.1 inches (package)
                Motion Detection: Yes

                Here is our next model, which is disguised as a spy pen camera. It is portable, and you can carry it everywhere, including outdoors as well. The spy pen comes with a user-friendly design and allows single-click on and off operations. It features motion detection and loop recording functions. 

                You can press or click the top button, and the spy pen will automatically turn on and start recording. It can provide footage in 1080P color HD video with a frame rate of 30fps. You will get crystal-clear recordings in full high definition with still shot functionality. While recording the video, the spy pen would not show any light or sudden flash. 

                This battery-powered spy pen camcorder stores all the recorded files in a 32GB SD card. It runs on the built-in Lithium battery, which offers enough recording time. When the battery is low, both the DV red and blue lights will flash for 3 seconds, and the spy pen turns into protected mode. 

                Single-button operations give you control over the power switch, recording video, and capturing photos. It is compatible with PC and Mac 2.0 USB. You can connect the spy pen to the computer using the USB cable for recharging and data transmission. You will get one spy camera pen, a 32GB SD card, a USB reader, a USB data cable, and five extra ink fills in the package. 

                What We Liked: 

                • It provides 1080p (1920 × 1080) high-quality recording
                • It can connect to the external USB DV 5V for video recording while charging
                • Easy to carry and can be used daily, for meetings and outdoors as well
                  What We Didn’t Like:

                  • This spy pen camera is a little heavy
                  • It does not have any motion detection sensors

                    Best Light Bulb Camera

                    Recording Resolution : 1920 x 1080
                    Area View: 360 degrees
                    Product Dimensions: 3.15 x 3.15 x 5.43 cm
                    Movement Detection: Yes

                    This hidden security spy camera records the view with 1280 x 720P resolution HD quality with about 25 frames in a second. You can even have the best quality recording even at night because of its IR LED night vision feature. The hidden camera is Wi-Fi enabled, and you have access to watch live stream recordings on your device via the V380 app. 

                    This bulb spy camera contains a fixed slot for 64GB storage. Alongside, it includes a strong LED, which is mostly operated as a spotlight. You can skillfully access the whole room recording as it comes with the 360 degrees lens which is positioned at the ceiling. The spy camera contains motion-detecting sensors, which inform you in case of any movement by sending alert messages to your smart device.  

                    One element that took our interest is it comes with a sound deduction speaker along with a microphone which enables you to have a conversation with your household via the app. This app contains 5 sets of displays, so you can watch the recordings with ease. The best part is from the live stream you can take screenshots. 

                      What We Liked: 

                      • It records the footage in every angle as it has 360 degrees lens
                      • This comes with a set of 5 different modes
                      • It comes with a dual way audio element 
                      • The Wi-Fi-enabled feature is available

                        What We Didn’t Like:

                        • Not the one if you want a waterproof spy camera 
                        • Difficult to organize 

                          Best Clothes Hook Camera

                          Recording Resolution : 1280 x 960
                          Area View: Not Defined
                          Product Dimensions:  Not Defined
                          Movement Detection: Yes

                          The Clothes Hook Mini Camera captures high-resolution videos of 1280 x 960P with 30frames in a second. This hidden camera maintains the night vision feature, which captures incredible recordings even during the night. 

                          It protects the unnecessary expense for the battery and saves quite a lot of storage space. This spy camera comes with a built-in polymer made battery, which can easily survive for about 1 to 3 hours and you can recharge it using the USB charger cable.

                          With the existence of motion detectors, this spy camera captures the view just when it senses any kind of movement. It also indicates when it gets charged fully by stopping the green lights which will blink when it is under charging mode. Additionally, it has a tiny slot that can fit a 32GB memory card. 

                          What We Liked: 

                          • Quickly detects any kind of movement 
                          • Gives good quality recordings even during no sunlight
                          • Not even a tiny bit suspicious

                            What We Didn’t Like:

                            • In comparison to others, it has a short battery backup

                              Best Smoke Detector Camera

                              Recording Resolution: 1920 × 1080
                              Area View: 125 degrees
                              Product Dimensions:  1.97 x 5.12 x 5.12 cm
                              Movement Detection: Yes

                              This is the best available option if you don’t want your spy camera to look suspicious or avoid any doubts because many people might get fooled with the thought of assuming it is just a smoke detector. The hidden camera uses PIR human detection method and it instantly provides alerts to you if it detects even a slight movement in the field of view. 

                              This hidden camera is fitted with a non-luminous night vision flash which facilitates it to shoot high video resolution videos even during night times. We also liked its loop recording feature which means no worries about the storage capacity.

                              It contains a 5500mAh energy-packed battery and has the biggest battery lifespan. This hidden camera had the potential of performing for a good 20 consecutive hours. The spy camera moreover keeps 180 days of standby mode. You can seamlessly keep an eye on the live stream from your smart device.

                                What We Liked: 

                                • Comes with an action detection feature 
                                • Sends automatic alert information to the owner
                                • It has a night mode option
                                • It also has a loop video shooting feature 

                                  What We Didn’t Like:

                                  • Doesn’t have a broad angled lens
                                  • It operates on just 2GHZ Wi-Fi
                                  • Takes an entire day to get charged 
                                  • Awful designed mobile app

                                    Best Mini Spy Clock

                                    Recording Resolution : 1280 x 720P HD
                                    Area View: 160 degrees
                                    Product Dimensions:  1.26 x 3.75 x 1.65
                                    Movement Detection: Yes

                                    This elegant hidden camera contains premium warning timepiece details along with an LCD screen. It captures the video  1280 x 720 P resolution and has an infrared night vision alternative which is a 12-night vision glow and captures ultimate quality images. You have to manually fix the night light if your recording area is a bit dull as it doesn’t possess any night vision sensor. 

                                    The camera authorizes Wi-Fi connections and if it is connected once to any network you can easily watch the live stream recordings anywhere anytime. The hidden security camera comes with a micro slot for a 32GB SD card and the camera moreover includes a loop recording feature. 

                                    It comes with motion detection sensors so it only starts capturing footage in case of movement which in turn saves quite a lot of battery storage. The spy camera has a 2200mAh power rechargeable battery which easily runs for approximately up to 5 hours.

                                      What We Liked: 

                                      • You can use the IR night vision for dark places
                                      • Comes with a much-needed action detection
                                      • It fully supports wireless remote viewing

                                        What We Didn’t Like:

                                        • The SD card is not included in the package
                                        • Need manual help to set up night vision detector

                                          Best Disguise

                                          Video Resolution: 1280 x 960
                                          Field of View: Not Specified
                                          Dimensions:  Not Specified
                                          Motion Detection: Yes
                                          Water Resistance: No
                                          Night Vision: Yes

                                          Spy cameras’ primary motive is to stay as discreet as possible. Clothes Hook Mini Camera is the perfect choice if you want a security camera in your home but don’t want to make it obvious. You could hang clothes on it, and most people won’t even notice that a clothes hook can also be a camera!


                                          • Clothes Hook Mini Camera records videos with a resolution of 1280 x 960p and a frame rate of 30 frames per second.
                                          • This camera has night vision, which clicks amazing videos during nighttime. Due to the presence of motion detectors, the camera records only when there’s motion in the field of view of the camera.
                                          • It saves the useless expenditure of battery and storage. It also saves you valuable time of going through stagnant footage.
                                          • The device has a built-in polymer battery, which lasts up to 1 to 3 hours. It can be charged through a USB cable.
                                          • has a built-in polymer battery, which lasts up to 1 to 3 hours. It can be charged through a USB cable. There’s a green light that blinks when the camera is charging, and it stops blinking once it is fully charged.
                                          • It has a slot for a mini memory card up to 32GB storage.
                                          • Suppose you want to monitor your whole house. In that case, you can place multiple clothes hook a mini spy camera, and view the recordings afterward. You may check here the mini camera instructions how to use guide.

                                          WHAT WE LIKED

                                          • Motion detection available
                                          • Supports night vision
                                          • Inconspicuous

                                          WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE

                                          • The camera quality is not up to the mark
                                          • Less battery backup
                                          Best Spy Camera Speakers

                                          Video Resolution: 1080P
                                          Area of View: 240 degrees
                                          Dimensions:  3.3 x 3.3 x 4 inches
                                          Motion Detection: Yes

                                          You can use this spy camera speaker both for home and office purposes. It can record the footage in high-quality resolution. Plus, the spy speakers come with motion detection features which will save memory and power.

                                          Here is another great hidden digital camera. With its appearance as a Bluetooth speaker, no one would get suspicious of this spy camera. Setting up this camera is easy. You can watch the recordings and monitor your house, office, or outdoor places at any time on your smartphone if your phone is connected to WiFi, 3G, or 4G LTE network. 

                                          This spy Bluetooth speaker can record videos in 1080p resolution. It comes with a 240 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens and records a wide area. It has a loop recording feature and automatically overwrites the old videos to store new footage when the SD card is full. 

                                          The spy camera lens can be rotated 150 degrees. There is a 3.5mm earphone port, and you can connect this spy device to a phone or computer through Bluetooth. The spy camera offers 4x digital zooming with H.264 compression rate. 

                                          Like high-end models, this spy camera comes with a motion detection function and reduces false alarms. Plus, you can set the sensitivity of the motion sensor. With that, it will adjust to different light changes and various object movements. 

                                            WHAT WE LIKED

                                            • It comes with a smart motion detection feature
                                            • There is a separate USB power supply slot, micro SD card slot, and 3.5mm earphone port
                                            • It can support up to a maximum of 128GB of memory space
                                            WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE

                                            • It works only with 2.4G WiFi networks
                                            • A few users complained that the mobile app does not show all the features


                                            How To Choose The Best Spy Cameras (Buyer’s guide) 

                                            gadgets spy favicon 1

                                            Video Quality

                                            The quality of the video is rather quite important. What is the use of placing a spy camera if it doesn’t capture clear recording? With the increase of pixels, you can get high-quality footage. We suggest you go for a hidden cam with a minimum of 720 pixels.  

                                            gadgets spy favicon 1

                                            Video Quality

                                            When recording the angle is very important. The spy cameras come with varied field views starting from a minimum of 90 degrees to a maximum of 360 degrees. All the cameras in our list have a reasonable recording view. The more the angle the more area or covers. 

                                            gadgets spy favicon 1

                                            Memory Capacity

                                            A few hidden spy cameras just record only when there is a movement whereas others capture constantly. Just choose the camera that suits your requirements if you want 24×7 recordings then go for constant ones and if you want only specific action-oriented recordings the motion-detecting spy cameras are the best. 

                                            gadgets spy favicon 1

                                            Motion Detection

                                            Check the battery power and material before making a purchase. Mostly the lithium-ion batteries are ruling the surveillance market. If you want a budget-friendly spy camera then choose the ones with a rechargeable battery. 

                                            gadgets spy favicon 1

                                            Wi-Fi Connectivity

                                            When it comes to purchasing, the cloud is the maximum limit for cash. It is ineffective to pay extra on details that you are not going to use any soon. Take a look at the best spy cameras which come at a reasonable price with the best quality features.  

                                            Is it legal to use spy cameras?

                                            This question will pop to the majority of the buyers. It is good to understand what’s legal and what’s not when it comes to spy cameras. It is legal to use these cameras in all 50 states. However, there are some restrictions that you must consider. 

                                            It is entirely legal to record surveillance video in your home without permission. You can record in common areas of your home but not in places where privacy is standard, like the bedroom and bathroom. Also, this applies only to video recording and not audio.

                                            You cannot record audio without both parties’ consent in these states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington. It is also illegal to record to blackmail and for malicious purposes.

                                            In most states, you can record video in public places like restaurants, parks, stores, etc. However, it is still illegal to install cameras in spots where privacy is standard, like hotel rooms, washrooms, changing rooms, etc.

                                            Our conclusion 

                                             The present market is loaded with several kinds of spy cameras and are hidden in items such as USB chargers, switches, pens, clocks, and more. You can pick any of the above-mentioned spy cameras as they all are well versed with the best quality, high resolution, duration, and durability. But still, our top pick is SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera which comes with the best overall features!

                                            ss12 cam being held

                                            1. SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera

                                            Our Pick

                                            The SS 1080p HD Mini Waterproof Camera records an entire HD tape with the high-resolution definition. This mini spy camera maintains and records 30 frames in a second. You can have a wide-angled recording view as it captures everything that falls into 150 degrees. 

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