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In this day and age, there are plenty of reasons to want to record your conversations. The thing is, you don’t always want the other person to know you’re recording them, and in single-party consent states, that’s perfectly fine. But, how would you go about this? You can’t just put your smartphone on the table and record, can you?

Well, that’s where something like the best spy voice recorder comes into play. They’re small devices that run off batteries and can usually record for an extended period of time before they need to be recharged. There are many of them out there, though, so how do you choose the best one for you?

We’ve got the answer, in the form of a list of best spy voice recorders on the market today. We have five, and they’ve all proven to be excellent performers.

You can check this learning guide on how to make a spy voice recorder on your own.

Quick Summary: Top 7 Voice Recorders 

Our editors go through and research, test and qualify our recommended products. We receive commissions on purchases from certain links.

  1. Best Overall 1. Hidden Voice Recorder 600 Hours
    It has magnetic absorption and voice-activated recording features.
  2. Runner-Up: 2. Voice Recorder Dictaphone Pen 500 hours
    Its features can be adapted to a wide variety of situations.
  3. Also Great: 3. Digital Voice Dictaphone
    It offers great memory storage.
  4. Also Great: 4. QZTELECTRONIC 16GB Voice Recorder with Playback
    A perfect device to be used in a learning process, interviews, meetings, conferences, among other options.
  5. Also Good: 5. Lgsixe Voice Recorder
    It is good to go for around 15 hours of recording!
  6. Also Good: 6. SNAHIKE Voice Recorder
    The recorded audio offers excellent sound quality.
  7. Also Good: 7. YOUHE Magnetic Mini Voice Activated Recorder
    A highly efficient device to use in these times is the mini magnetic recorder.

600 hours recording: YES
200 days standby: YES
Waterproof: YES
Magnetic absorption
Voice Activated Recording

Our Pick

Our top pick is the Hidden Voice Recorder with 600 Hours. It has magnetic absorption and voice-activated recording features. It is also a waterproof device that you can take advantage of.


  • This doesn’t come as a surprise but the Hidden Voice Recorder 600 Hours comes out as our top pick. The best feature for this is the 600-hour long recording feature with a 200 days standby time.
  • It is waterproof, the best among the other voice recorder you can find in the market. Another feature for this one is the magnetic absorption that means you can attach this device anywhere you want it.
  • This hidden camera also gives room for memory just in case it gets full, it will automatically delete the oldest recording you have stored in the device. And just in case you forgot to charge this device it has a saving feature that enabled the device to save your recording before it gets shut down.

With all the great features above, we would really recommend this one for you to pick up!.

MP3 Format Recording: Yes
Size: Pocket-Sized
500 hours of continuous recording: Yes
High quality
Multiple Storage Options

Runner Up

By having this recording device any user will be able to record conversations and different moments in a subtle way. It is an accessory with a pencil design that does not arouse suspicion in any person. At the same time, its features can be adapted to a wide variety of situations.


  • Its 500 hours of continuous recording are perfect for long-term recording of any conversation or situation. It is a recording in HD quality that only requires a click or sound to activate. Even those sounds are not produced during the activation of this device.
  • A safe lithium-ion polymer battery is also built-in for continuous operation. The use time of this device is long. The power management system has artificial intelligence for more appropriate battery management.
  • The large storage capacity offers different ways to store the obtained files. Here each of the documents is encrypted for greater security. Files can be automatically saved when this device runs out of power. The storage can be expanded up to 128 GB.

Telephone Recording: Yes
Multiple Storage Options: Yes
MP3 Format Recording: Yes
Battery 220 mAh: 15 hours of use
High Quality

Also Great

All those users who have a limited budget can opt for this accessory to obtain a high-quality digital voice dictaphone. It is a digital voice dictaphone that can offer great memory storage. The files can be saved in excellent quality in WMV or MP3 format.


  • A digital display has been incorporated to select the different functions simply. It is also possible to choose between telephone recordings or MP3 recordings. Any of these recordings can be chosen and made in HD quality.
  • By selecting a normal quality recording you can get 136 hours of recordings. You can get up to 96 hours of results by choosing this device. This accessory can be perfectly complemented with Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista, 8, and iOS operating systems.
  • A high-capacity lithium-ion battery has been incorporated here, offering 220 mAh. 15 hours of continuous use time can be obtained when making recordings. Users can choose an 8 Gb, 16 Gb, or 32 GB memory storage according to their needs. Either way, it is a subtle, high-functioning digital voice dictaphone.

Recording: 13 hours
Battery: 110 mAH
Memory: 16 GB
Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.18 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 6.4 ounces

Also Great

One of the most convenient ways to record different moments and conversations is by using this voice recorder. It is necessary to note that the design is very subtle and efficient to obtain the right results. You will have the possibility to obtain a device that provides a very simple functionality. Here you only need to press a button to start getting the right recordings.


  • It is even a perfect device to be used in a learning process, interviews, meetings, conferences, among other options. Also, it is necessary to mention that with a sound of up to 45 decibels this device could work and be activated by voice. Of course, this provides a more comfortable functionality at the time it is needed. (1)

  • You will have all the appropriate elements to be able to make recordings and listen to them later. Besides, you will be able to get 192 hours of recordings and a usage time of 24 hours.

  • Besides an excellent battery, this device can reduce the noise to obtain much clearer audios. Even the lifespan of this device is excellent and you will have one of the best voice recorders.

Recording: 12 hours
Memory:  8 GB
Battery Durations: 13 hours
Recording Bitrate 128Kbps
Support System: Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Also Good

Our runner up is just as good as our top pick, but unfortunately, comes with a bit less memory. This is another small recording device with built-in memory, but this time you have 8GB. You’ll need to empty it a bit more often, but aside from that, it’s just as good.

There’s no flashing light or anything else indicating that it’s recording, so you can leave it on the desk and nobody will notice it’s not a regular flash drive. The battery is good to go for around 15 hours of recording, and recharging it again is just a matter of plugging it in your computer.

This is also how you transfer the files to your computer, so it’s really, really simple. If you’re looking for something concealable that works great, and don’t mind emptying it a bit more often, the Lgsixe Voice Recorder is a great pick.

No products found.

Storage: 16GB: 
User-friendly device: Yes
PC and Mac Compatibility: Yes
Long Time Recording: Up to 20 hours
Recoding Bitrate: 192kbps

Also Good

This model can record with a quality of 192 kilobytes per second at a distance range between 20 and 50 feet. Even in the presence of wind, you will notice that each recorded audio offers excellent sound quality. You will simply get the best results.

If you prefer you can get 20 hours of continuous recording. That is why a meeting or conference too long will not be a problem for your voice recorder. The casing is made of high resistance metals. This means that this device can accompany you at any time and in any place. Three buttons are included for convenient operation. (2)

You will have a capacity of 180 hours of recordings with a storage memory of 16 GB. This device is perfectly compatible with a desktop computer or a Mac. You can choose one of these options or connect the headphones to enjoy the recordings obtained. (3)

Automatic voice activation: Yes
192 hours of recordings: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: 3200mAh (Rechargeable )
Recording Range: 60ft

Also Good

Another highly efficient device to use in these times is the mini magnetic recorder. This device is directly activated by voice and is adaptable to the needs of each user. The operation is very discreet and subtle at all times.

This device is waterproof. You will have the possibility of obtaining recordings in a large number of places. The sound capture can reach 60 feet in outdoor environments. You will be able to obtain a more specific functionality when connecting this recorder with a computer.

It has a rechargeable battery that offers you 19 days of use time. You only need 6 hours to complete the battery recharge. It has a storage capacity of 16 gigs or 192 hours of recordings. This means that you will be able to record a large number of sounds and conversations at all times.

gadgets spy favicon 1

A few things to note

Even though short, we did think it’d be nice to include a buyers’ guide as well. We’ll just briefly mention a few key points to remember when buying such a device, and let you choose from our best spy voice recorder options.

The key thing about a recorder is the quality. However, since all of the above give you great quality, let’s talk about what differentiates them – memory and battery life. Memory is something you can live with. Even if you have less of it, you can just transfer the recordings more often, and have your problem solved. However, with the battery life, you’ll want as much of it as possible in order for the recorder not to cut out when you need it.

Aside from these few things, whichever one you choose from the ones above, you’ll be set to go. They all work great, they’re all small and easy to hide, and they’re all a close competitor for the title of best spy voice recorder.


Hidden Voice Recorder 600 Hours

Our Pick Again

Our top pick is the Hidden Voice Recorder 600 Hours. It has a magnetic absorption and voice-activated recording features. It is also a waterproof device that you can take advantage too.

Wrapping Things Up

If you are to consider everything we said above, choosing the best spy voice recorder isn’t all that difficult. However, we would advise that you check your local laws before you record someone without their consent, as this can be illegal. Make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

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