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Last Updated on November 3, 2022

If you’re in need of an endoscope, there are a few brands that have really good products at pretty reasonable prices. One that stands out, however, is BlueFire. They may not be that well known, but their products are all really high quality and come at excellent prices.

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That being said, not all of their products are cheap, but the expensive ones are more than worth it. So, if you’re looking at getting an endoscope, read on through our BlueFire endoscope review, as we take a look at three of the brand’s best models, all at varying price ranges and suitable for various types of people.

Best overall

Resolution: 1920x1080p Full HD
Zoom-able focus
Battery: 1800 mAh
View Angle: 60 degrees

We’re kicking things off with the most expensive option on our list. And as you’ll come to realize by the end, it’s basically a variant of the most budget-friendly one, with one major thing that’s different. We’re talking about the cable length, because this is a wireless endoscope with a 50ft cable. Yes, you read that right.

One thing that must be said, though, is that not everyone needs a 50 feet cable. In some situations, it can actually be problematic because if you have too much excess cable, you’ll need a way to manage it, which could get tricky. However, if you do need a long cable, this is pretty much your best bet.

In terms of the video, you get a 2MP camera that records video at 1080p, as well as six LED lights surrounding the camera module, so you can see things even if the area you’re inspecting is pitch black. This is an excellent addition.

You can view the video on a smartphone, and there are apps for both iOS and Android, adding a bit to its versatility. And no, you won’t need an available USB port, because this is a wireless endoscope with a pretty decent range, which means it’s actually very usable in a variety of environments.

Last but not least, you do get a pretty large 1800mAh battery, which will keep the endoscope running for a fair bit of time, something not many wireless endoscopes can brag about. If you’re in need of an endoscope with a long cord, this one by BlueFire is definitely your best bet.

Best for home use

Resolution: 1280x720p HD
6 Adjustable LEDs
Battery:  500mAh
View Angle: 60 degrees

What if you still need a fairly long endoscope, but the 50ft model is overkill for you? You will want to keep the excess length to a minimum, and this alternative model could be even better for you. It shortens the length a bit, making this a 33 feet cable, but it keeps all the other functionality and adds something that might come in handy in quite a few situations.

Aside from the cable length, you also get a more wallet-friendly price, which is to be expected. The other big thing that’s changed is the addition of IP67 water resistance. A borescope is seldom used in ideal conditions, and more often than not you’ll need it for damp or downright wet environments. Having it be waterproof so you don’t have to worry about that type of damage is actually a great addition. (1)

The cable itself is a semi-rigid one with a bright yellow color, so you can easily find it in a workshop, which is actually pretty neat. At one end is a 2MP camera which records HD video at 720p, and comes with six adjustable LEDs around the lens itself. This means that pitch black scenarios will be no issue whatsoever, as the camera itself will illuminate the area. The viewing angle is a pretty decent 60 degrees, pretty much on par with what you could expect from a borescope.

Transmission to a smartphone is done wirelessly, as on the other end of the cable is a wireless transmitter that you can connect to via Wi-Fi. There’s an app for both Android and iOS, so both types of users are covered. The battery is somewhat small at 500mAh, but we found that it does work for around an hour before you need to recharge it, which should be enough for many. This is overall a great option for users who need a long cord on their borescope, but find the 50ft of the more expensive model a tad overkill.

Best Price

Resolution: 1920x1080p Full HD
6 Adjustable LEDs
Battery:  1800mAh
View Angle: 60 degrees

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got BlueFire’s most compact variant. Coming in with a cable length of only 11.5 feet, this model is perfect when you know you won’t need a cord that is too long, but instead prefer something you can easily manage in a variety of situations. The length is basically what we consider to be the perfect length for a general use borescope.

The price is less than half of that of the 50ft model, which is also nice. Aside from that, the remaining features are identical, which is actually great because this is a really good endoscope. It comes with a 2MP camera that can record video at 1080p, as well as the six LEDs that will brighten up the area you’re looking at with absolutely no issues. The zoomable focus is also nice, and ensures you’re never seeing a blurry picture. Add to this the fact that the camera module itself is only 5.5mm thick, and you can easily push it through in a variety of environments.

At the other end of the cable you’ll find the Wi-Fi module, as well as the battery. As you would expect, you can connect to it both with an Android and an iOS device, which only adds to its versatility. The battery is that massive 1800mAh module, which should give you a couple of hours of use out of it and you’ll seldom need to recharge it. If you’re looking for an endoscope that has a great cable length and ideal camera performance, you’ll definitely be satisfied with this one.

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(1) IP67 water resistance –

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