How to Best Conceal a Body Camera?

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Last Updated on April 12, 2021

Today there is a wide variety of small body cameras that can be used discreetly. These types of cameras provide the ability to obtain video recordings or remote viewing depending on each person’s needs. The important thing is that these cameras can get great evidence in different situations.

A wrongly chosen place means a camera detected at the time of recording. To avoid this kind of unfortunate circumstances you should consider the best way to hide a body camera.

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Best Way to Hide a Body Camera

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A body camera can be put next to an everyday object such as headphones, watch, glasses, and other similar implements. We can also find small cameras that are similar to buttons. This is the step-by-step procedure.

1. Preliminary Considerations

Before starting it is necessary to consider the specific design of the body camera. Some well-known options nowadays usually incorporate a square device together with a long cable and a small camera at the end of the cable. We will consider these types of objects as body cameras.

Other devices include a hidden camera. Some of these devices are:

  • Sunglasses
  • Lenses
  • Headphones
  • Hand watches
  • Ties
  • Car keys
  • Pens

Each of these options is easy to hide and they can be used as the objects they are.

2. Installing the Camera

A body-worn camera is a camera that can be battery operated and does not require a power outlet. This type of camera may incorporate a cable to connect the camera lens to the main device. It is necessary to install the main device somewhere hidden in the clothing. Some of these devices are usually wider than others. (1)

It may be necessary to wear tight-fitting clothes and that a precise area is not noticeable under the clothes. It is required to choose a place near the belt or the person’s waist. This location is recommended for the main device as people tend to look anyone in front of them in the eye. 

This will allow disguising a little more the fact that there is a somewhat robust object under the clothes. It is also necessary to consider the length of the cable that is usually incorporated in anybody’s camera.

3. Positioning the Camera 

Most of the time the main device has a cable that connects to a small camera on the end. This small camera usually incorporates a lens the same size as a button. One of the best ways to use a body camera is to simulate a button on clothing.

The user should have a garment that incorporates buttons such as a shirt. When this camera is installed on any other garment that does not have buttons it can be a bit suspicious. The camera will be easily detected and will not fulfill its purpose. (2)

It is also required that the buttons on the main garment used to hide the camera be the same color as the material around the lens. Black is often incorporated for the plastic around the camera lens. The buttons on the garment worn by the person should also be black. This will prevent the camera from being detected at all times. 

4. Getting the Right Height

Another important aspect to consider when installing a body camera is height. When this type of camera is used as a button, the height must be considered. Pretending to be a button on the lowest part of a garment can be inefficient.

Too low a height will not provide good images in most situations. Height should be considered depending on where the body camera needs to be used.

5. Testing the Body Camera

The user needs to test that the camera is working properly. It is advisable to have a friend or a family member with you for this type of test. The task of the second person will simply be to notice if there is anything strange while the user is using the body camera.

The main objective is to check if the user has done a good job of hiding the body camera. The second person should not detect that the user has a body camera next to their body. 

Final Words

This method is one of the most suitable and allows anybody’s camera to be adapted to the user’s needs. There are different devices with specific designs and functionalities. The above-mentioned procedure allows us to adapt any of these devices to the user’s needs. 

Another question to consider once you buy this kind of camera would be is it legal to wear a body camera? Find out in that article. Til’ next time!


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