Running a Coax on a Door Peephole Camera

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Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Installing a peephole camera in your door means that you’ll have to choose one of two options. The first one comes with a complete assembly, where the lens is on the outside, and the display assembly is on the inside, and installation is pretty straightforward.

The other is if you have a tiny camera that looks like a peephole, and a cable that you’d be running through your door and connect to a display. These aren’t too popular, but these types of cameras do come with some pretty great advantages, such as the wide field of view, and the ability to hook them up to a much larger display, which makes them worth it for many. (1)

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What’s the issue with them

The main problem with these is that you should know how to run coax on a peephole camera in a door. Otherwise, you’re left with a cable that runs along your door’s length, and it really, really looks ugly. It’s something many strive to avoid, and that’s why they run the cable through the door.

Even though running a coax on a door peephole camera might sound a bit tricky at first, all you should have are the tools to get things done, and you should know how to use them. And be careful, making a mistake here can very well ruin your door, so be careful. That being said, let’s take a look at how this should go.

Preparing the door

If you’re going to do this, you should start by drilling the necessary holes in your door. And yes, you heard that right, you’ll need a few. Therefore, grab your drill, place it where you’ll be working, and remove the door from the hinges. If you get it to a place you can work on it, it’ll be a lot more comfortable.

First, you should drill the hole where you’ll be installing the camera. Note that this isn’t done in all cases. If you already have a peephole, and it matches the width of the camera you’re installing (12 or 14mm), you should be good to go. If not, you’ll need to drill the hole to make it larger, or open one if you don’t have it at all.

When you made a place for the camera to go, you should drill a hole for the cable to run through. This is usually done on the side of the door where there are hinges, because this way, the cable will go behind the door and right on the wall. Make sure it’s on the same height as the peephole itself, as this will ensure easy installation. Try to go for a thickness of about 10mm. With this out of the way, it’s time to install the camera itself.

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Camera installation

Before you start the installation itself, you’ll want to get a wire coat hanger, as well as a paper clip. Note that they won’t be usable once you’re done, so grab some spares you won’t need. Open up the coat hanger, completely, so you have a straight peace of wire that is longer than the hole you made in the door’s side. Next, make a hook out of the paper clip. You’ll also want some kind of thin rope, such as a sewing thread, which you’ll tape to the hanger. You should have about an inch to two hanging from the hanger’s end.

Push the hanger through the side hole, until you see the thread through the peephole. Use the hook to grab it, and drag it out through the peephole. Get your camera’s cable, but be careful with it, since it’s pretty thin. Remove the camera’s tube out of the assembly and from the cable. Insert the cable from the outside, towards the inside. You can now return the tube, but don’t push it back. Tie the rope and the cable’s end, and pull the cable through the side. You can remove the rope once you’ve got most of the cable outside.

Then, install the camera, and make sure the only place when you have cable coming out is the side hole in the door. It might be smart to check if everything works at this point. If it does, you’ll want to tape the cable alongside the door with a wide tape that holds well.

Once you’ve done this and everything works, that’s about it. See? It wasn’t all that complicated, all you had to do is be careful, and do things without rushing. And this is how to run coax on a peephole camera in a door.

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(1) – Field of view –

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