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Last Updated on February 3, 2021

cam small ss11Whether you’re getting one for home surveillance, or for your office, or for just about anything else, a hidden camera can come in very handy. On today’s market there is a plethora of choices, but not all of them are worth it. When you’re getting a hidden camera, you want it to record in high resolution, and you want it to be easy to hide, as well as to have some additional features. More reviews here.


Well, there are a few of them on the market, and today we have a SS11 1080p hidden camera review. It’s an excellent little camera with a host of advanced features, some of which you won’t find on cameras that cost a lot more than the SS11. Speaking of the price, it does come in pretty cheap when compared to other competitors’ products. But even at that low price, is it worth it? Let’s find out.

The specifications

Even though many people would say that “numbers don’t tell the whole story”, in this case, we’ve found that the numbers are a good indication of what this tiny camera is capable of. To begin with, you get Full HD recording at 1920x1080p. Many competitors only offer 720p, some even less, so this is quite the advantage for the SS11. 1080p lets you easily distinguish details, even at a distance, making this ideal for surveillance. If you do want to save some space on the storage device, you could set it up to only record at 720p. You also get the choice between 15 and 30 frames per second, which affects viewability, but also saves some space when recording.

While we’re discussing space, the camera works with a micro SD card. You can use one that’s up to 64GB, but no SD card is included in the package. At this price, though, we couldn’t blame them. And memory cards are cheap nowadays anyway, just make sure you get a good one.. The camera also supports loop video recording, and you can choose a file length between 1 and 20 minutes. This is useful when you have a small SD card and don’t empty it very often. it!”.

Construction, build quality and extra features

mini ss11 camera

Since this is a hidden camera, making it small and inconspicuous is a great advantage. The camera is as small as they get, with only the sensor sticking out, and everything else is very easy to hide. You’ll find the body has an On/Off switch, a reset button, the micro SD card slot, as well as a micro USB interface. That interface is used for charging, and yes, the camera supports charging and recording at the same time.

On the other end of the body are the battery cables, as well as the Wi-Fi signal antenna. The latter is an excellent feature. When you download the accompanying app from the Play Store or the App Store, you use that antenna to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. This basically makes it always online, and you can access it from anywhere. The option to remotely view pictures and video that are recorded is excellent, and it’s even better that you can view the video live. It’s not just for a smartphone, it also works on a tablet or on your PC.

Another thing that will come in handy is the motion detector. If you’re using it for surveillance, chances are leaving it to record continuously only means that you’ll run out of space quickly, and if you don’t have it connected, out of battery too. Turn on the motion detector, however, and the camera will start recording, or snap a few pictures as soon as any movement is picked up. This also triggers an alert on the app, so you’ll be notified something is happening.

In terms of build quality, we do have to say that the camera sensor itself, the body, and the battery, are built very well. However, since they’re three separate pieces to help with keeping things hidden, there are wires connecting them. Those wires are thin and fragile, and so is the Wi-Fi signal antenna. If you can look past that, the camera is built very well.

Final verdict – is the camera worth it?

mini camera ss11If you needed a hidden camera that has great image quality, and a host of extra features, but are very limited on a budget, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than this. It’s small, it’s cheap, and it works incredibly well – what else could you be asking for? A definitive “Yes, it’s worth

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