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Last Updated on December 22, 2022

When you’re choosing a spy watch, you’ll come across a massive amount of top spy watch in the market nowadays. While for men that have bigger hands, that might not be a problem, they don’t look too good on a woman’s hand. You need something a touch smaller and not as thick, so it looks more suitable.

Finding something like that is not as easy as you think, though. Most budget manufacturers tend to go with a larger watch in order to pack as much functionality as possible, so you end up with a very limited amount of small ones.

To help, below we’ve got three models that are all excellent in one way or another, and they’re all pretty slim in order to fit a smaller hand better. If you’re looking for a women’s spy watch, by all means, read on.

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Best overall

Battery: 150mAh 
Digital Display
Memory: 8GB

We’re kicking things off with the Cainda, a spy watch that resembles a fitness tracker in its design. It’s slim, and it comes with a very comfortable band. The small and compact design makes it perfect for a woman’s wrist, and it still comes with all the functionality you would expect from a spy watch. Well, okay, it does lack a camera, but it does have everything else.

On the outside, it’s an all-black design. It’s completely rubberized, both the body and the strap, and you can adjust the strap just right for pretty much any wrist size. The fact that it’s extremely lightweight only makes things a lot better and more comfortable, so you can wear the Cainda for extended periods of time.

The display is pretty small, which means it’s unassuming and won’t attract attention. It’s an OLED, so it won’t consume a lot of battery, but it’s not always on. If you want to check the time, you’ll need to click the button. You also have a voice activated recorder, so it starts recording automatically when it detects a sound, something that’s pretty neat and saves you from scrubbing through your recordings just to skip those silent periods you don’t really need. It comes with 8GB of built-in memory, so you can have around 96 hours of audio stored on it. The 150mAh battery is good for 15 to 20 hours of recording once fully charged, or around 50 hours of standby time.

If you want something that’s compact, works well, and you don’t need too many features, the Cainda is actually perfect.

Best Features

Touch Screen
Water Resistant
Battery: 380mAh

If you’d prefer something a bit larger than the Cainda we just spoke about, you should take a look at the Padgene DZ09. It is larger, but it’s still pretty slim and comes in a variety of colors, both in terms of the body and the strap. We believe the gold body and white band are simply perfect for a lady, but you can choose whichever one you want to.

The Padgene doesn’t just look well, but it does come with the added benefit of being pretty cheap. It’s not built cheap, however, and it’s going to last a good while. The plastic/stainless steel body and rubberized strap make sure it’s as lightweight as possible, so it’s comfortable if you’re going to be wearing it for extended periods of time. Add to this that the watch is water resistant, and you’ve got yourself a durable and well built womens spy watch.

In terms of functionality, you get a 1.54” OLED display which is touch-enabled, as well as a button at the bottom and a camera at the top. You can connect it with a smartphone, whether it’s an Android or an iOS device, and transfer media via Bluetooth. What’s also nice is that you can insert a SIM card inside the smartwatch, and make phone calls and send messages, which is neat.

When you take everything into consideration, there are certainly more compact spy watches. However, the DZ09 is still small enough to look great on a women’s hand, yet comes with all the functionality you need from a spy watch, and then some. Combine this with the highly wallet-friendly price, and you’ve got yourself a great option.

Best Video Quality

1080p HD video
Built-in 32GB SD card
One-click video recording

Here is another spy watch for women at a reasonable price. If you want a spy watch that can work during your business meeting or for your daily security, this product is perfect for you. This spy watch is one of the highly functional models with a portable design and durable material.  

No products found.

This spy watch camera can record in just one click, both videos, and photos with 1080p HD results at 30FPS. It has an original data cable and USB outlet.  

The built-in 32GB SD card is a very convenient option, so you won’t buy a memory card, and is compatible with both PC and iOS. It has an OTG function that is compatible with Android phones, making it easy to check your recordings and photos.

The core-8 noise reduction probably is one of the best features of this spy watch, assuring you with clear audio every time you record your videos. The no light and silent features give you the opportunity to spy without being questioned or caught, plus the watch is a waterproof camera, a great addition to the many lists of great features of this spy watch camera.

It has a total of 2 hours of charging and can work a long time. You don’t have to worry if your camera watch shuts down because it automatically saves your last recorded videos. The spy watch comes with video instructions and a user manual.

Wrapping things up

It’s up to you which one of the abovementioned models you choose, but you should know that all of them are excellent in their own regard, and you’ll enjoy using them. And if you’re in for a DIY spy watch, you may check this learning guide on how to make a spy watch! Until next time! 

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