Are Small Drones Hard to Fly?

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Last Updated on May 14, 2021

Are you a newbie when it comes to flying a drone? Or are you a new drone enthusiast who only uses smaller drones for espionage, surveillance, or simply for fun?

If you belong to this classification, you probably use mini-drones.

When drones became popular, new styles, sizes, and models were developed. As a result, deciding which one is best for you can be challenging at times.

However, a smaller drone fits better for a beginner because it is simple to handle and inexpensive. Therefore, it is definitely not hard to fly.

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Are Small Drones Hard to Fly?

RC Drone - HelicopterBefore answering this question, you may want to check, how small can a drone be?

Let’s go back to the question; Are small hard to fly? Well, to explain better, let us have a quick evaluation of how small drones actually work.

Mini drones are so compact that they can fit in the palm of your hand. As a result, you can refine your piloting skills quickly without difficulties with controls.

With a size like this, indoor flights are possible with ease, even with delicate handling controls. These drones can execute precise movements and spectacular aerial tricks. (1)

Because of their maneuverability and realistic flight times, the small drones are ideal for inexperienced pilots to develop flying skills.

Multi-rotor drones are the smallest and lightest ones. These drones have limited speed, height, and range. That is why they are the most picked drone among practitioners and aerial photographers.

With a mounted camera, the drone’s average flight time is 20 to 30 minutes and can travel quite a distance. That is still an impressive duration for a quick flight.

Withal, small drones are so quick to navigate even if they lack advanced features. They are perfectly safe for child use. That is why they are now in line with the market’s highest demand.

Understanding Small Drones

RC DroneAuto-return home and real-time transmissions are features available in mini drones as well. Also, it has excellent functions that offer flexibility and comfort.

  • It catches priceless memories at all times. When you enable the “Follow-me” mode, the drone will follow you and keep you in view while traveling in your car.
  • The GPS positioning feature allows it to be easily detected and found. There is no reason to worry if unexpected circumstances cause you to lose sight of the drone. GPS software detects the drone’s last location. (2)
  • Mini drones are also suitable for beginners and children, as they come with a Quick Start Guide and instruction manuals. A one-button direct command allows for simple takeoff and landing guidance.
  • Operating small drones can be compared to when you are still learning how to balance a bicycle. You understand how to weigh the left and the right-wing correctly. That is something you cannot do from larger drones with an auto-flight feature.

As mentioned previously, a low-cost starter drone does not have many autonomous flight modes. What this feature basically does is it turns on a function called “GPS-enable. When enabled, the drone will float in the air automatically on its own. You can start controlling them when you think it reaches the height that you need.

You can still fly small drones like a pro even if these models do not have this feature. And In reality, relying too much on artificial intelligence will dull your piloting skills. But it does make your flying better.

Another thing to understand about small drones is their batteries. Here’s a learning guide on how long will a drone battery last. We hope this helps!


So overall, small drones can be easy to operate and suitable for everyone. They are user-friendly and worth having, both for average enthusiasts and starters.

How is your experience flying small drones? Are they hard to navigate? Or are you becoming a pro at flying them? Share them in the comments below.


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