How Long Will a Drone Battery Last?

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Last Updated on May 28, 2021

Drones are very popular nowadays. They are widely used to capture beautiful scenery, in taping, like a surveillance camera. 

The problem with drones is that they require so much power to fly. Since there are several types of drones, the battery will depend on its capacity. And by general rule, the smaller the batteries the drones have, the shorter they can stay in the air.

So, how long will a drone battery last? We will give the full details below. Be sure to check them out, but first, you may read best mini drone with camera here

Understanding Drone Batteries

a man flying a drone The battery is the most crucial component of a drone. It determines how much time it can operate and how far can a drone fly.

Most drones can fly for 5 to 15 minutes at most for lower-quality drones. And at a top performance of 20 to 40 minutes for upper and models. It all depends on battery capacity. However, for various reasons, the flight time is less than what’s advertised by manufacturers.

Larger battery capacity enables more excellent operating time than smaller drones. So it is imperative to go for a bigger battery capacity if you want a long uninterrupted flight time. You may want to check this learning guide as well that answers the question, are small drones hard to fly?

The only disadvantage of bigger batteries is that they contribute significantly to the drone’s weight, requiring additional energy to bear the whole weight of the device.

Drone specialists have tested the actual performance of each of the batteries. Thanks to those who tested these, they have provided information regarding each drone’s batteries’ runtime.

Drone Battery Life Table

Battery capacity (mAh) Estimated endurance time
200mAh 5min
200-700mAh 5-8min
7-1500mAh 8-10min
1500-3000mAh 10-15min
3000-4000mAh 15-20min
4000-7000mAh 20-25min
7000-10000mAh 25-32min
10000-20000mAh 32-48min
20000 mAh and above 48 min to an hour

Additionally, some factors affect the drone’s actual flight time at any given time. These factors have a significant influence on your drone’s performance, including physical features and their components.

Simple Tips on How to Extend a Drone’s Battery Life

drone flying
  • Select the best battery for your drone. Check if the battery’s capacity corresponds to the type and size of the drone. When you want a bigger battery, keep in mind that it will add weight to the drone and counterbalance your drone’s force.
  • As the drone draws more energy, it will use more power from the batteries, which means it can not stay in the air because the battery depleted earlier than intended.
  • Get extra batteries. According to the FAA, you can carry two extra batteries if your battery is below 100 Wh. It may not affect the battery’s lifetime, but it has an overall effect in extending actual flight time. (1)
  • Don’t let the battery completely drain. Take caution that when flying, you do a random flight check once in a while to protect your battery.
  • Before operating, make sure the battery is fully charged, yet don’t leave it overcharged. You should leave the battery for at least six hours straight so it won’t drain as quickly as intended.


How long should a drone battery last? On average, smaller drones can fly for 5 to 10 minutes, while larger capacity drones can fly from 20 to 60 minutes.

Are your drone’s batteries within the range of what is shown here? Share them in the comments below.


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