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Spy gadgets have been around for ages. James Bond movies didn’t invent them, and they were used long before that. However, since they became popular in the movies, a lot of kids started asking for them. But since they aren’t made for kids, there are some toy manufacturers that decided they could make kid-friendly variants of them, such as a spy watch toy. What about the real stuff? Well, we got you covered! Here are the top spy watches available today.

If your kid has been asking for something like this, below we’ll be discussing five spy watch toys that are great for pretty much any kid. They’re also pretty budget friendly, so you won’t be spending an exorbitant amount of money on your kid and their toys. If you are thinking about getting these as a present, there are also woman spy watches to consider. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at them.

Best overall

Motion Alarm
LED Spot Light

If you want to give your kids the ability to feel like the next James Bond, this spy watch is definitely the way to do so. It’s made by SpyX, and it comes at a very reasonable price with quite a lot of features. It’s an 8 function spy watch toy, with a well thought out design that every kid will love.

To begin with, the watch comes with a rubber strap that’s very comfortable. Your kid won’t have problems wearing this indoors or outdoors, and they’ll love every minute of it. The features of the watch include an LED light, a stopwatch, and an alarm, which are the more “common” things that your kids will be able to use in their day to day activities.

However, you will also get a decoder, secret message paper and capsules, as well as a motion alarm, which are all the things that will make for a “James Bond feeling”. Your kid will be able to send messages to their friends without anyone being able to read them, because it will require you to slide out that special decoder in order to read the message.

All things considered, with the SpyX Spy Recon Watch you get quite a lot of functionality, yet the price is actually very reasonable. Your kids are going to love it, and they’ll also get a couple of features that they can actually use in their day to day life, too!

Best Versatile

Screen: 1.54” TFT
Standby time: 5 to 7 days
3.7V 600 MAh battery
0.3MP camera

If you are looking for a versatile spy watch for your children between 4 to 12 years of age, this spy watch is an excellent choice. Though it stands a bit on the expensive side, this model features other functions such as torch, FM, calculator, calendar, games, and many more. 

No products found.

This Spy watch comes with a 0.3MP camera which can record the video in 240 × 240 pixels. Besides that, it has a 1.54” TFT screen with a colorful display. The watch has a beautiful design, and it is available in light blue and pink colors. 

The strap is made of soft Silica Gel, which has a breathable design. Plus, it is stretchable, flexible, and fits almost all children. The material is durable and does not irritate your kid’s skin. There is a 90° rotatable camera at the top, which allows the children to take selfies and images. The camera angle can be adjusted towards the front and back. 

You will get Lithium Polymer batteries in the package, which are necessary for the spy watch. Plus, this model can run on a 3.7V 600 MAh capacity battery as well. On standby mode, this watch can work for about 5 to 7 days. You can charge it using the USB cable, which needs only 5V 1A or 5V 2A. 

All the recorded images and photos will be stored on a micro SD card. This spy watch can support up to 32GB memory card, which you need to buy separately. The spy watch includes an Audio player and FM radio functions, and it comes with Bluetooth Version 3.0. Upload music files to the SD card, and the kids can play the music by going into the AudioPlay tab. 

This spy watch also works as a fitness and game band. There is a menu bar where you can see the total steps, and it also comes with a calorie counter. The watch features five built-in puzzle games, a sound recorder, a stopwatch, and more.  

Best Premium Option

Screen: 1.4” TFT

And so, we arrive at the most expensive option on our list. Few parents will want to spend this much on a toy for their kids, but if you’re one of them, this is a great way to show it. It’s made by Spy Net, the same brand that makes our runner up above, and it’s pretty good. It’s basically the predecessor to the Video Watch 2.0.

No products found.

The display is pretty small, but it’s a color display that works pretty well. You can record and play back photos, videos or just audio, making this a pretty versatile kids’ watch. With the included storage, you get around 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of audio, or a touch over 2000 photos. An interesting thing is that the quality is actually pretty good, especially considering that this is a kids toy, and not a camera.

Just like the 2.0, you can download missions from the Spy Net HQ, which does add to the experience of owning this watch, and will provide quite a bit of entertainment for your kids. They’ll certainly enjoy the games they get to play, and all the additional apps the watch has.

The design is just like a kids spy watch toy should be. It’s a bit bulky, but comes with a wide rubber strap that’s comfortable on any hand. There are also plenty of buttons on the watch itself, so your kid can operate the watch pretty easily. The buttons are intuitive and are labeled pretty well, making things intuitive and easy to understand for just about anyone.  

Overall, the only drawback of the Spy Net Secret Video Watch is its price. If it weren’t so expensive, it would definitely be higher on our list, which does say a lot. If, however, you don’t mind the price, it’s definitely one to take a closer look at.

Best non-watch Gadget

Even though every other item we spoke about so far is a spy watch toy, the Bedwina glasses take a different approach at things. When you buy them, at a very affordable price you’ll get three pairs of sunglasses. Considering they all do the same thing, you could give them all to your kid in case they break the first one, or you could use them as stocking stuffers that don’t cost a lot but have a very interesting functionality.

Now, to begin with, these sunglasses are great as just that – sunglasses. They have tinted lenses with a UV filter that will keep your kids’ eyes protected and safe from the sun. But it’s the outer edges of the lens that make these spy glasses – they’re reflective. This means that the inside of the lens allows you to see what’s at the front, while the outer edges will act as rearview mirrors, and let you see what’s going on behind you. This is just the right functionality for a kid to feel like a real spy. (1)

To finish things up, even though they’re pretty cheap and don’t really look like much, they’re actually built pretty good. They’re durable, and the plastic that’s used to make the frame looks very premium. If you want to get your kids something budget oriented that will give them that spy feeling, without that being a watch, this is a great option.

Most Versatile Set

Last but certainly not least, we have another product by SpyX. That’s the company behind our top pick, and this time they’ve got a great, budget-oriented set of kids toys that is very well thought out. You get four spy tools that are all attached to an adjustable belt, enough for any kid to feel like a real spy.

The tools include a micro ear light, an invisible ink pen, a micro listener, and a micro motion alarm. As we mentioned, you get a utility belt that’s adjustable and allows you to attach all of the gadgets to it for easy carrying. There are clips for every one of the gadgets, making things very easy and convenient.

The light is just that – a light, and it works really well. The pen allows you to write messages you can only read with the UV flashlight, while the listener lets you capture conversations at a distance. Finally, the motion alarm will sound when it notices something moving.

Overall, this is a great way to provide entertainment for your kid by giving them a versatile set of gadgets that they can use in a variety of different situations. Add to this the excellent build quality and reasonable price, and this becomes an excellent gift for your kid’s next birthday!


(1) – UV Filters and glares –

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