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Last Updated on November 3, 2022

  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • 5 Detection Modes
  • Continuous working time is about 5 hours

There are a lot of people that are concerned about their privacy, especially when traveling abroad and staying in hotels or in other types of accommodation with new people. If you’re one of them, chances are you’ve thought about getting yourself a bug detector. It’s a device that’s going to help you check a hotel room, or another place, for hidden cameras, audio recording devices, and phone bugs.

And when you’ve decided you want one, the best one you can get is the CC308 bug detector. And while you’ll find it under a lot of brand names, we’ve decided that the AGPtek CC308 bug detector is the one to go for, thanks to its combination of a very reasonable price and an excellent feature set. If it sounds like something you’d be able to use, read on as we take a look at the AGPtek CC308 and why we believe it’s absolutely worth it. See our best bug detector and RF bug detectors guides!

Detection Distance: 10cm to 10m
Frequency Range: from 1Mhz to 6.5 Ghz
Built in Lithium Battery

On the outside, the design is what you’d call typical for a bug detector. It’s an all-black box, with a couple of LED lights and buttons, and an antenna at the top. It’s actually pretty good for one-hand operation, and with a total weight of under 5oz, it’s not too heavy either.

Let’s start with the design

)At the front, you’ll find the four LEDs that will help you see how close you are to the signal you’re trying to capture. Below it is the laser switch, which is essential for finding hidden cameras. There’s also a speaker right above the LED indicators, so you also have an audible signal of whether or not you’re getting closer to the hidden recording device.

Off to the side you will find two switches. The one at the top has a few settings, and they’re used to set the sensitivity of the detector. The one at the bottom, on the other hand, is used to turn on or off the detector itself. What’s also on the side is the charging port, which unfortunately is a circular proprietary connector. We would’ve loved to see something like a micro USB port, but at this price we couldn’t complain. (1)

What’s also nice is that you get a 3.5mm headphone port at the bottom. If you’d like to get audio cues about something in your room, but don’t want anyone else to hear them, you can plug in your headphones and do that privately. It’s a nice addition, and a great way to combat audio recording devices when you don’t want to be found snooping for them.

What about functionality?

When it comes to the feature set, the CC308 bug detector doesn’t miss out on anything. To begin with, you have a laser that helps you find the lens of a hidden camera. Just point it towards the general direction of where you think you can find a camera, and you’ll immediately know if there is one. The range is from 5cm to 10m, so you don’t even have to be that close to it.

There’s also the RF detector feature, which basically finds any radio frequency signals that a device might be emitting. Whether it’s an eavesdropping device that overhears what’s happening in the room, or one that’s connected to the hotel room phone, it’s going to tell you if there is something, and the audible cues and LED lights will help you find out exactly where it is.

We shouldn’t forget that you can adjust sensitivity, which is always a nice thing. There’s also the vibration detection mode, which means no LEDs will flash, and you’ll get no audio cues, but the detector will vibrate in your hand to let you know there is something. This is as inconspicuous as they come, and it’s a really nice addition.

One feature we haven’t seen with many of the competitors’ products is the fact that the CC308 bug detector has a GPS detector. If you’re worried about your car having a tracking device for some reason, you can use it to find out for sure. And considering it works really well, it’s going to find it.

AGPtek CC308 Anti-Spy Signal Bug RF Detector Hidden Camera Laser Lens GSM Device Finder - Mute Vibration + Beep + LED indicator , Earphone and Charger included

Is it worth it ?

As you can see, the CC308 bug detector comes with a host of features. It doesn’t cut corners on any of the important areas, the only notable downside being the fact that it requires its own charger to charge the battery. But if this is something you can live with, and you don’t mind having an extra charger in your backpack while traveling, it’s going to give you quite a lot of peace of mind. You get the ability to know that your room is free of any recording devices, for sure, which is something you’ll appreciate.

You may also want to check our homemade bug detector guide! This may help you in your decision whether you want to buy or create your own. Til’ next time!


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