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Last Updated on March 24, 2021

A common home item is an alarm clock that can function as a clock but can also provide increased surveillance capabilities to people.

Most people still do not know specifically how these clocks can work. We will explain the specific workings of most of them as well as the main functions that are usually incorporated. This may be more than enough for many people to increase their home security with this simple device. 

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Main Features of a Hidden Spy Camera Clock

The best part of this type of gadget is that it can function as a clock while providing a great surveillance capability to the users. Most people won’t suspect that it is a hidden spy camera. The main features in most of these devices are:

  • Functioning as a normal clock
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Full HD 1080 pixel resolution
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Loop recording
  • Motion detection
  • Micro SD card support
  • Remote viewing function

Different models of hidden spy camera clocks might have some more features or not include some of the above. These features are the most common among all similar devices.

Functioning as a Clock

clock on a working deskOne of the most obvious functions is the functionality of a normal clock found in any home. This is one of the most important in terms of camouflage. Functioning as a clock prevents other people from suspecting that it is a spy device.

People will have the ability to detect movement when no one is at home. It can also be very useful when it comes to monitoring a person and analyzing their natural behavior. This device is not designed to make it invisible. People will be able to see this clock but not notice the camera that is intelligently placed.

Motion Detection

people in motionMotion detection is another of the main functions and incorporates this type of implementation. The motion detection sends an alert or notification to the main user. The moment an unusual movement is detected, the user will be able to know about it in real-time. (1)

This makes it possible to be alert at all times about what is happening in a home or office. The motion detection also can work with night vision in case this function is included. Night vision provides a much clearer and sharper image in very poorly lit environments.

Remote Viewing

a man's hand holding a remote in front of a TV setThis same alarm clock can be used in conjunction with remote viewing. To do this the hidden camera alarm clock must provide some sort of wi-fi or wireless connection. This is what users can take advantage of to connect from a computer, tablet, or smartphone and view an environment through this device.

All members of the household who have downloaded the application that works in this type of situation will be able to have a surveillance system. A spy camera alarm clock can provide a set of functions similar to a conventional security camera.

Resolution and Viewing Angle

laptop on a working deskThe camera built into this type of device usually offers some kind of image resolution. A Full HD 1080 pixel resolution is usually incorporated. If it is a live remote surveillance people can count on high-level liquidity images for more efficient surveillance. (2)

The built-in viewing angle also complements the images obtained. It is convenient for a person to choose those devices that incorporate a wide viewing angle. This implement will have the ability to cover a larger area of the home without too much effort.

Subtle Design

digital clock in white colorWhen it comes to a hidden spy camera alarm clock the design of this gadget is usually subtle. The secret is that a subtle design does not seek to arouse the attention of any visitor or intruder. Any spy implement must have a subtle design, and that it can go unnoticed anywhere.

That is why on a great number of occasions, the color black is usually used as the main characteristic of the design of a spy clock and other similar implements. 

Power Supply and Installation

white power plug in a yellow backdropA spy clock can be powered in two different ways. Sometimes this type of device may require a conventional power supply such as a power outlet. It is necessary to have a power outlet near the location of the clock.

A set of rechargeable batteries may be included in this type of device. This can offer more versatile functionality. The lack of wires allows the user to choose any type of location to use this clock.

Additional Features

One of the additional features that a spy clock can offer is loop recording. Loop recording uses the entire memory of the device when the available space has already been filled. This means that the recording does not stop at any time and it is possible to continue recording images.

A spy clock usually incorporates a slot to include a Micro SD card. This is necessary when it comes to adding additional memory when using this camera to record images.

A clock that has a spy camera cannot record sound. This type of device can only offer image recording. This is due to some government restrictions that prevent recording sound without the consent of other people. 

Final Words

A clock with a spy camera built inside is one of the devices used to optimize home security. This implementation does not arouse suspicion in any person or visitor.

It is a device widely used to obtain remote viewing or recording of images anytime, anywhere. Many people decide to improve the protection inside their homes by having this subtle device.

You may want to check our review for McStree hidden camera clock and our learning guide that may answer questions such as How do I check my clock for a hidden camera. Until next time!


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