How do I Check my Clock for a Hidden Camera?

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Last Updated on March 24, 2021

Clocks are becoming a common device for hiding a hidden camera. You may want to check first our learning guide on how does a hidden camera clock work. With our added paranoia today and the increase of spying incidents you need to know how to check your clock for a hidden camera when you suspect someone may be watching you.

But before that, if you want to know the list of the best hidden clocks in the market nowadays, then, read more here!

Best Ways to Find a Hidden Camera in a Clock

Each of these methods can provide excellent results if you do it right. Detecting a hidden camera in a clock can be very easy when you know exactly what to do.

1. Flashing Light

flashlightWhen it comes to checking a clock for a hidden camera it is best to turn off the lights in the room. Detecting the hidden camera will be much simpler the darker the room is. A hidden camera usually has some kind of flashing LED light. 

In normal lighting conditions, LED light is not detected. Nevertheless, with proper darkness, you will be able to detect this type of light. It is also necessary to consider that different clocks that incorporate the hidden camera do not have the same design. (1)

This means that some clocks may include a hidden camera without a flashing LED light. It is a good way to start detecting and checking for a hidden camera in your clock.

2. Using a Flashlight

a man with a flashlight on his palmUsing a flashlight can be used with the procedure of turning off the lights in the room. The difference is that a flashlight can be a much more efficient way to check your clock for a hidden camera. It is important to detect any kind of reflection when using the flashlight.

A flashlight used in the dark is more than enough to be able to detect any kind of reflective surface or any kind of small illumination. The reflective surface should be very small and round like a camera lens. When the reflective surface is much larger than a simple camera lens it may not be a hidden camera.

3. Making a Phone Call

a man dialling a number on his phoneA surveillance camera or spy camera hidden in a clock is a device that creates a certain electromagnetic field. This means that there may be some interference time when the person makes a phone call. Especially a phone call should be made with a cell phone.

The cell phone signal when making the call will have some minimal interference as well as static noise. It is advisable to walk around the room keeping the call active at all times. To check if your clock has a hidden camera, a phone call should be made next to the clock.

To correctly detect the interference, the person could approach and move a few meters away from the clock. As the cell phone with the active call is close to the clock the interference should intensify.

The opposite situation should happen when the person moves away and continues to talk on the phone. The interference should decrease if there is a hidden camera in the clock.

4. Bug Detector

a black RF detectorAnother way to check if there is a hidden camera in your clock is to use a spy device detector. This is a tool used to find electromagnetic fields. Although this type of tool requires some technical knowledge, some units are very easy to use. (2)

By using this device with your clock you will be able to detect if there is any kind of measurement that indicates the presence of a hidden camera. To get a better result you can compare measurements from different clocks. When one of them gives different data it may be the inclusion of a spy camera. This same tool can be used in other places such as:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Mirrors
  • Bearings
  • Tissue boxes
  • Lamps
  • Electrical sockets
  • Various decorative objects

Final Words

Hidden cameras in a clock or any other everyday device is a very common technique for spying on other people. All it takes is one of the above techniques to correctly identify the hidden camera.


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