How Far Can Night Vision Goggles See?

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Last Updated on May 11, 2021

Those interested in hunting or activities that take place at night may start using night vision goggles. Many of them do not know how far night vision goggles can see.

Different night vision devices incorporate different qualities and performances. You can see up to a distance of 1000 yards, although not all devices offer this advantage. 

But before we proceed, you may click here to check the best night vision goggles in the market nowadays. And some guides here that will help you decide such question of “Is thermal or night vision better?”. Though I have to warn you, that most of these night vision googles and here’s an article we wrote on why are night vision goggles so expensive.  

Now, let’s go and find out how far these night vision goggles can see!

What You Need

night gogglesTo look the farthest, you need to have a few important items. Some of these things depend on the user while others depend on the lighting of a night. All of these things must be considered when looking into the distance using night vision goggles.

  • Gen 3 night vision goggles
  • Night environment with some illumination

People also have the choice of night vision goggles or binoculars. The difference is that the binocular can provide a smaller field of view but a greater distance. (1)

What Affects How Far You Can See?

night vision gogglesThere are a few important factors that affect vision. Night vision goggles need some ambient lighting to work. On a new moon night with no illumination at all, it is not possible to see far.

This situation is also quite common with a cloudy and unclear or bright night. Different results can also be obtained by taking into consideration the detection range or recognition range.

The farther we try to see, the lower the recognition range. When a person is found far away, the user often cannot distinguish whether it is a man or a woman.

How Far Do You Need to See?

night gogglesPeople can see as far as possible with night vision goggles, such as 1000 yards. When it comes to hunting the environment is always something similar to a forest or a place surrounded by trees.

There are always obstacles that prevent us from seeing as far as possible. It is possible to see up to 500 meters or less. It even takes a special night to be able to see that far clearly and accurately. 

Can Night Vision See-Through Objects?

night vision gogglesBoth night vision goggles and even infrared cameras cannot see through objects such as walls or forests. Night vision goggles need some light to function.

Objects are obstacles that prevent us from seeing beyond them. It is really difficult to avoid encountering obstacles at night when using night vision goggles. 

What Kind of Range is Useful in Night Vision Goggles?

night vision goggles

Night vision goggles are more convenient as they can offer a better range of intensity. This means the ability to detect minute amounts of light in the environment. These amounts of light can be truly imperceptible to human eyes. (2)

When this type of device has a large intensity range it means that the ability to detect very little light and intensify it is desirable. State-of-the-art night vision devices are much more suitable.



Did you enjoy this tutorial? Knowing the maximum distance, you can see with night vision goggles is important for various activities. Night vision goggles are really useful for seeing up to a distance of 1000 yards.

Hunting requires night vision goggles to be able to reach prey during the night. If you liked this article you can leave your comment below and share it to let other people know about it.


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