How to Detect a Spy Voice Recorder

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Last Updated on March 12, 2021

Many of you might be wondering whether it is possible to detect listening bugs like voice recorders or not. Well, it is not only possible but very easy to catch voice recorders using various methods. To prove it, here is a list of tricks that are proven to be successful in detecting voice recorders.

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Detecting Hidden Voice Recorders Through Visual Inspection 

Below are a few smart techniques to detect a spy voice recorder. They are: 

Strategy 1:

Some voice recorders emit light from the device, making it easy for you to detect the voice recorder with your eyes with the light off, so turn off the lights and look around for any noticeable small blips of light. 

 Strategy 2:

Check the appliances in the room like smoke detectors and other electronic devices closely. Sometimes you can find nano-sized voice recorders in them, they usually look like glossy glass circles somewhere where they would not typically be. (1)

Strategy 3:

Inspect home objects like bed lamps, Bluetooth speakers, and other different devices. Check under the tables, couches, dining hall, bedside tables, and chairs for small electronics or circular cameras the size of your piky tip. 

 Strategy 4:

Check the objects that feel odd because the best-unnoticed place to keep a voice recorder is flower pots, lenses, shiny objects, and stuffed toys. 

Strategy 5: 

Start looking for wires or cords that are out of place since some voice recorders don’t have batteries and need power from an outlet

Strategy 6: 

Most voice recorders and microphones produce electromagnetic fields when they transmit data. When you walk while talking on the phone near one of these there is a high chance you can hear a clicking or buzzing noise when there is a spy voice recorder around. (2)

How to Detect A Spy Voice Recorder Using Equipment?

You can’t find all voice recorders through visual inspection. So, when you can’t discover them, it is time for some professional equipment. Suppose you are worried about your privacy or want to protect confidential information or conversations. There are tons of counter-surveillance or voice recording detection devices. These devices help in discovering listening bugs or voice recorders. 

Technique 1:

Scan the entire room or the area using an RF detector. With the help of an RF detector, you can inspect for frequencies that transmit from voice recorders and microphones. Use the RF detector to examine every place that you find odd. The bug detector will make a sound or light up when it collects a similar radiofrequency.

 Technique 2: 

Mostly the voice recorders and other surveillance systems have infrared lights. With the help of your mobile phone or a digital camera, start searching for infrared lights. Several digital and mobile cameras are designed to detect infrared lights. Search for the random lights or flash sources using the camera.

Technique 3: 

Search for strange Wi-Fi signals or connections on your PC or smartphone. Numerous voice recorders transfer data over Wi-Fi so you can find suspicious connections easily. Also, the default Wi-Fi name of the listening devices will be the product name or the code. When you discover odd connections, there may be a possibility that listening devices are close by.

Now, that you know how to detect a spy voice recorder, you may want to check these learning guides on how to make a spy voice recorder, and how to hide a spy voice recorder. I hope these guides will help you. Until next time!


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