How to Hide a Spy Voice Recorder

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Last Updated on March 12, 2021

Hiding a spy voice recorder is a bit risky. Before hiding it, you should know first how to detect a spy voice recorder, because you really have to make sure some factors are optimal like location, size, color, and recorder shape. Here is a list that shows a few ways to hide a spy voice recorder to help you. 

1. Hiding the Spy Voice Recorder in the Living Room 

The living room is a space where you can find many options for hiding. Here we list a few places where you can optimally hide a recorder.

  • Home Decor

The living room is a place to store home décor items. So, you can hide the voice recorders in stuffed toy animals, glass pieces, music boxes, photo frames, wall clocks, digital clocks, light bulbs, and more. Also, it is good to hide them in flower pots, vases, and more.

  • Devices

You can hide small spy voice recorders in various living room gadgets like smoke detectors, Coolers, non-working air conditioners, and more.   

  • Mirrors

You might think that it is unsafe to keep spy voice recorders in mirrors or dressing tables. But, that is the safest place to store a small spy voice recorder.  

  • Bookshelf

The bookshelf or rack is ideal for placing a hidden voice recorder because the voice recorder can easily blend into books. Besides, the voice recorders can be stored in stationery items such as pens and more. 

2. Hiding the Spy Voice Recorder in the Bedroom

Of course, it is a good idea to monitor babies or caretakers in the bedroom, with the help of a spy voice recorder. But, hiding the spy voice recorders in the proper place is the main task. Some of the perfect locations for hiding the hidden voice recorders are near the TV surface or roof or under the beds. It is also good to hide it on the nightstand or clock table. Placing it near a computer or desktop stand or behind the books is an ideal idea. Other stuff which is good to hide the spy voice recorders is an alarm clock, hanging decors, and more. 

3. Storing the Hidden Voice Recorders in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a difficult spot to hide a voice recorder in comparison to other rooms. It is better to use small-sized voice recorders in the kitchen, which we can’t see in plain sight. 

Coming back to our main topic on how to hide the spy voice recorder, you can store them in the dark wooden mug racks or on refrigerators between the stickers. It is also good to keep them in the tissue boxes, lightbulbs, or near the LED lights. (1)

4. Hiding the Voice Recorders in the Outdoors

There are lots of outdoor spots so you can hide them in almost every place. Some of them are water sprinklers, doorbells, bushes, pipes, and more. 

Tips on How to Hide the Spy Voice Recorder:

  • Fixing the spy voice recorder inside decor is a practical idea, but take note of the recording range.
  • Make sure to hide the voice recorder in a safe and protected place so it won’t get hit by people or pets.  
  • Placing the voice recorder in an identical colored and shaped structure is a decent idea. 
  • Search for the spots which act as a natural hiding place, like under the roof or on shelves. 

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