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mountingMonitoring your home can be a very tough job to do, especially when you have things to attend to such as a job or a business. You can be tied up but still need to monitor things going on at home.

In this article, we will be looking at how to make a mini spy camera at home that will enable you to monitor your home in your absence and save you some money if you don’t want to go out and purchase one if you wish to purchase one we encourage you to visit our detailed top list guide on the best mini spy camera!

The following are some steps we at Gadgets Spy have put together to start you off on how to make a mini camera:

Step #1 – Obtain a camera

The first step to this procedure is to buy a cheap camera or webcam which is suitable enough for this process. You need to be sure that the camera is small enough to be easily hidden. This option should be considered based on the targeted use. For instance, you can use just a simple, cheap camera for simple monitoring. But if you need this to monitor issues like crimes, then pick a more professional-grade security camera.

Step #2 – Unshell the camera

After acquiring the right camera you need for this purpose the next step is to remove the outer shell of the camera. This will make the camera relatively smaller and easy to hide. Once you do this, you will be able to see the circuits and the camera lens. Do this carefully not to affect the internal structure of the camera.

Step #3 – Find a suitable hiding spot

This is one of the most vital steps in the procedures. Pick a hiding spot that will suit you best; you can use the tips below to accomplish this.

  •  Not easily spotted; As you choose the hiding spot make sure that, it will not be spotted. Any location that will raise suspicion should not be used.
  •  Use unsuspected objects to hide your camera. When doing this, you should be sure to use objects in their natural place (ex. a plant). This is important because if you use out-of-place objects, you will rise suspicion and you won’t get any desirable results.
  •  You can use cardboard like tissue or shoe boxes by cutting a small hole that the camera can use to record when hidden.

Step #4 –  Camera installation

After picking the suitable hiding spot for your mini camera, the next step is installing the camera. In this case, a cardboard box will be suitable. Cut a small hole for the camera to record, then place the camera inside the box with the lens facing outside through the hole. Note that this hole should be just enough for the camera to record through, large holes will raise suspicion. Use glue, preferably super glue to hold the camera firmly. This will enable the camera not to be disturbed by any movement.

Step #5 – Add some weight to the box to maintain the balance

As you may have noticed, when you put something small of some weight in a large box it becomes seemingly unstable. This may result in the box tilting on one side or even falling off which can ruin your project. To avoid this, you can get something of weight like a paperweight. Then using tape or glue, attach it inside the box, then place it in a good location.

Step #6 –  Connect the camera to computer or cellphone

Now after installing your hidden mini camera, the next step is now connecting the camera to your pc. This can be done by passing the USB cable that is attached to the camera, at the back of the box in a manner that won’t be noticed easily. You can then cover the cord properly so that it can’t be noticed or suspected. If you can afford to buy a camera with a wireless connection, this step will be much easier.

Step #7 – Point the camera in the direction of the desired area

This is the last step. After doing everything you should point the camera hole in the direction of the desired area. Make sure you do this correctly, or it may fail to show you what you wanted and make the project a waste of time. Things to keep in mind include are you sure the person or thing will be in that area, make sure it’s a highly trafficked area since if you only have one camera you may only get one shot at this. After doing this then you can now monitor the camera through your computer.

Addition things to consider include darkness, some cameras have good night vision and some do not if you think the area you’re putting it in will be dark a lot of the time make sure your camera comes with good night vision installed to make up for this lack of lighting.

Fire hazards. Make sure your camera is in a safe place you don’t want a spark going off and lighting the house on fire while your gone, do not leave the camera next to flammable objects even if you want to hide the things that should be avoided include garbage cans, utility closets and near any easily light able newspaper.

Closing words

These are the eight most important steps to follow to make a mini camera that will enable you to monitor your home, children, and even nannies. Sometimes we fail to monitor our home by thinking that it is impossible or costly, but by following these steps, you can easily and cost-effectively monitor your home. The same steps can also be followed if you want to know how to make a mini video camera.

Before we end this, you may wonder what is the smallest camera you can buy in the market today? One of the best mini spy cameras we’ve reviewed that you can check is the SQ8 Mini DV Camera Review

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