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Last Updated on March 11, 2021

Spy cameras have become quite popular due to their mini size and affordability. With usage such as identifying thieves, keeping an eye on children, or even recording statements, their use has only increased. You may want to check it here to know what does a spy camera actually looks like, and some more info here for you to know how to spot a spy camera. So, let’s proceed now with this article on how you can set up the spy cameras in simple steps.

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Spy Camera

It is crucial to pick the spy camera that meets your requirements. Even though all the spy cameras essentially perform the same functions, which is to capture the events, it is vital to choose the one that gives you your money’s worth. Do you need the recordings with perfect and clear pictures? Then you have to choose the spy camera which can capture videos with 1080p HD ultra-high resolution. Likewise, list out your necessities and crosscheck them with the specifications and details of the spy camera.

Step 2: Buying the Right Model

After checking what you need, now is the time to purchase the spy camera. Ensure that you are buying the right model of the spy camera as the present market features thousands of various spy camera models. They differ from one another in terms of price, high-end features, wired or wireless, resolution quality, viewing angle, and many more. 

Step 3: Selecting the Perfect Spot

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To select a proper place, you need to consider a lot of additional internal factors. Hence, installing the camera in the right place takes a bit of work. Below are the aspects that determine the perfect location for the spy camera. 

  • Knowing your purpose 

First of all, choose the spot from which you can directly view the place you want to monitor. For instance, if you need to catch robbers, then the right place to set up the spy camera is the spot that is on the opposite side of doors and windows. If you want to check how the nanny is taking care of the baby, you have to set up the spy camera facing the kid’s crib or bed. 

  • Sound recording  

When you don’t want audio but only need video recording, then even if you install the spy camera far away, it won’t be a problem. But if you need both video and audio clips, you must set up the spy camera somewhere within the range. Some places to avoid if you want crisp and clear audio recording are the area near the TV, music speaker system, radio device, or any place that can create interference with the audio.  

  • Power source 

Another factor you have to consider before setting up the camera is the power source. If you have a spy camera that needs consistent power or runs on battery, then you can skip this point. But a few spy cameras depend on external power sources for which you have to plug them in an electric socket. Hence, these kinds of spy cameras should set them up in places near the power socket. Make sure to hide the charging cable and adapter as well. (1)

  • Clearing the path from other objects and lighting 

When you find a perfect spot for installing your camera, look at the path between the camera and the monitoring location. If you find any obstacles like home decor, book, lamp, or table, then slightly move them. Ensure that the sunlight or lamp light doesn’t fall directly on the spy camera as the camera cannot record the videos with accuracy when the light is directed toward the lens. 

Step 4: Connecting the Spy Camera to a Network

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This step is not necessary for all spy cameras. A few spy cameras come with internal storage, where recordings are saved. Meanwhile, other spy cameras need a network connection, either wired or wireless. If it is wireless, you don’t have to worry much. But if your spy cam connects to the network using a cable, you must choose a way to disguise it. 

Step 5: Installing the Spy Camera in a Good Position

Take out and start setting up the spy camera. Make sure to follow the installation instructions, which you can find in the manual or online guides. Due to the presence of several spy cameras, the installation procedure varies from one to the other. For wireless spy cameras, you can install them in the spot and click on the button to start recording. But for some, it might be a bit lengthy. Also, you have to install the necessary software if the spy cameras need it. After setting everything up, open the smartphone app, and just program it to start recording, if requires. You will have a live feed option, motion detection alerts, and other control options in the app. (2)

Step 6: Analyzing the Final Location

After setting up the spy camera, check whether it is in direct eyesight or not. You don’t have to worry if you installed the spy camera in places where people don’t look too often. If you want, ask someone to check whether the room feels odd or has a spy camera. If they discover it, then try other spots and if they didn’t find it, then keep the camera there. 

Step 7: Testing the Spy Camera

The setting up part is over. It is time to test how the camera is functioning. After starting the recording option, wait for some time and then check how the recordings are, like the video quality, sound clarity, and many more. If your spy camera comes with features like motion detection, infrared night vision, check the functionality of these features. 

Step 8: Maintenance of the Spy Camera

Lastly, once in a while, clean the dust off. If it is battery-powered, you must change the batteries or recharge the camera. Also, if there are specific maintenance instructions, then follow them to clean the device. 


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