Is it Illegal to Have a Camera in your Car?

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Last Updated on June 2, 2021

Today, a dashboard camera or dashcam is essential for owning a vehicle. In fact, having a camera in your car could save you from tons of headaches on the road. In addition, you can use the video clips as hard evidence for any disputes regarding road accidents and more.

But, in the face of the law, where do dashcams stand? Is it illegal to have a camera in your car?

The simple answer is that it is not illegal to install a camera in your car. To understand better, we suggest that you read on.

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What Does Your State Say About Installing Car Cameras?

There have been arguments on whether or not using a dashcam is permitted by the law. However, it is one concern for likely dash cam owners unaware of their State’s rulings regarding cameras in cars.

No federal laws ban the use of dash cams in a vehicle. Or any general provisions stipulated that cameras in a car are illegal. Yet, a few government-protected roads, such as borders, restrict unauthorized cam-footage. So, you may have to remove them before passing by. (1)

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Legal Reasons to Have a Camera in a Car

The footage taken by a car camera can be the most substantial proof you can present in road crash incidents and the like. It collects the most important material that can be used as testimony in trials.

investigators now use the camera video clips to track down the exact cause and determine who was at fault. In other words, the recorded footage serves as added evidence to guarantee that the right people are held accountable. As a result, dashcams are particularly useful for both government authorities and motorists.

There are standard guidelines and restrictions imposed by states and cities regarding dashcam installation that can affect the outcome, such as where and how a dashcam must be installed.

The proper positioning of a dashcam is essential. Incorrect installation and position can block your field of vision when driving. And it is dangerous to go without a clear view of the road ahead.

A cop can pull you over in most States and arrest you if they see unsafe dashcam placement. And all the video clips would be deemed inadmissible in court.


The majority of the law declares that it is okay to install a camera in a car.

Still, the legality of a dashcam is determined by how and where it is mounted in your vehicle. In addition, some regions implement different electronic surveillance policies. And since these two general topics are handled differently in each State, be sure to read the law before hitting the road with a live camera in it.

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