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When you hear the word “spy”, your mind instantly goes to spy movies where the main actor tends to use high-end gadgets that you would think are unavailable to the general public. And how many times have you watched such a movie, only to have your kid yell out that they want such a spy gadget? Whether they saw the latest James Bond movie, or something else, kids do really think these gadgets are pretty cool and like them quite a bit.

That being said, most of the said gadgets are actually dangerous. And that’s most of the ones that are commercially available, too. You can’t just get your kids something that might end up hurting them, right? Well, what if you were to get them something that’s completely harmless, and will still give them quite a bit of fun?

Of course, we’re talking about a spy pen for kids. Even though this is a pretty simple thing, it’s going to be a lot of fun for your kids. And there are quite a lot of options available out there, which makes things even better. To help you out, we’ve picked five of the best spy pen for kids options available today. And when we’re done with that, we’ll also briefly discuss how they work and why they’re completely harmless.

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Best overall

Invisible Ink

The MaleDen Invisible Ink Pen is definitely the best spy pen for kids. In the box, you get six pens to choose from, all in different colors. This is especially nice if you’ve got multiple kids, because each one of them can get a pen of their own.

And chances are you’ll have one or two spares, too, so you should be safe for a good while, too.

The pens themselves all write in an “invisible” ink. To make sure it’s safe, this is completely harmless and flavorless, so no harm can be done. The ink disappears immediately, which adds to the “spy” feeling. You can use it to write on just about any surface – paper, shirts, even your kids’ skin. And we know what your concern is – it is completely washable (and rather easily we might add).

The cap is the UV light, and is what you’ll use to read the ink. The pens do come with batteries included, but be careful as they’re rather small. You don’t want your toddler getting their hands on them, as there’s a swallowing risk.

Whether you’re looking to get these for your kids, or you want them as a gift for someone else, or you’ll be handing them out at your kids’ next party, they’re a great way of getting a child-friendly spy toy.

Best Budget Variant

6 pens
Invisible magic pens 
Built-in UV lights.

This can be used and enjoyed by both kids and the kids at heart. The kids would surely enjoy using this in the activities.

The product dimension is 5.31 x 4.09 x 0.71 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces. It requires 3 batteries. It is ranked among the best spy pens for Toys & Games.

No products found.

The pens come in three color sets – blue, assorted, and clear. If you’ve got two or three kids, this eliminates them fighting among each other just to get the color they want. They can now all have it. The ink is washable and completely harmless, which means you won’t have to worry if your kids suddenly get the desire to draw on their buddy’s skin.

The cap hosts the UV light, but it also hosts the batteries, which means you should be careful with them. It’s a good idea to keep these for children that are over three years old. If that’s not an issue, however, this is a great choice if you want to save a bit and still have plenty of pens, in plenty of colors.

Best For Parties

Invisible Ink with UV Light
2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Whether it’s your kid’s birthday, or it’s a Halloween party, or any other event where you know you’ll have a lot of kids present, the iGeeKid spy pen for kids is your best bet. For a pretty reasonable price, you get 36 pens, which is quite impressive. It’s enough to keep a lot of kids entertained, and there’s a couple of pens in each color, so there is no arguing there.

You’ll get two types of pens here. What they all have in common is that the ink can be used on just about any surface, including skin, and is easily washable. The difference is in the UV light. With many popular options (and with some of the pens included here), you have to hold the button for the UV light to flash. Here, some of the pens have a nifty on/off switch, so you can just set that and not worry about holding it. This may not be a big deal, but it does add a bit of convenience.

And the icing on the cake is the price – the iGeeKid spy pen for kids pack is priced very similarly to the competition, which oftentimes offers much less pens in terms of number, and nobody gives you an on/off switch. If these are things that you can appreciate, by all means go for it. Just keep them away from toddlers, because they come with small batteries that could cause problems.

Most Complete Package

Invisible Ink with UV Light
3 LR44 batteries required. (included)

While all the other products simply give you multiple pens, TAGVO have one-upped this, and they give you something extra, too – bendy pencils! Alongside the nine invisible ink pens, you get six flexible pencils that your kids are going to love.

The pens come with a harmless, flavorless invisible ink, which means that your kids can write on pretty much any surface without worrying about any problems. What’s also nice is that the ink is completely washable, so you can easily clean any surface they decide to make a mess of. The ink is instantly invisible, and you’ll need to turn on the UV light that’s inside the pen’s cap. This is rather easy, and it does work pretty well. On to the pencils.

While a conventional pencil is usually made of wood, and is pretty stiff, these are made of non-toxic rubber. They can bend and twist in any direction, and you can still use them for writing. You’ll also get a handy eraser at the end of each, which is a nice addition.

Whether you want to add a new toy to your kids’ collection, or you just want to get these for an upcoming party, the TAGVO pack is a great idea to do so. It comes with all you need, and it’s perfectly safe for everyone, as long as you keep in mind that there are batteries in the cap.

Our Buyers’ Guide

As a parent who’s about to get their kid a new interesting toy, it’s expected that you want to know how that toy works and whether it poses any danger to your kids. Well, as we mentioned in each of the products above, they’re completely safe.

With modern UV-invisible ink, it’s oftentimes made by a fluorescent, which is derived from things in nature that glow when you expose them to an UV light. Some of the components include things such as tonic water and vitamin B-12, which are dissolved in vinegar. (1)

You will come across a few different types of UV-invisible ink, namely opaque, semi-opaque, and translucent. All of them have acrylic monomers. Those acrylic monomers contain the diluent and photoinitiator that will respond to the UV light. This is the substance that will absorb the UV light, and allow the marker to work as intended.

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The UV light is actually near-ultraviolent, and is oftentimes at 380nm – just outside the visible spectrum. It’s also sometimes known as black light, and it is completely safe. There is absolutely no damage to your (or your kid’s) eyes, nor there is a risk of skin cancer. When you point such light on UV-visible ink, it makes the message readable. With a spy pen for kids, such a light is usually kept on the cap, for easy access, and due to the fact that you can host the batteries inside, too.

Wrapping things up

At the end of the day, the least you can say about a spy pen for kids is that it’s a really neat party trick. Whether you buy a few for your kids to play around the house, or you get a set of 30 for your kid’s next birthday party, it’s going to be a popular thing because kids love these things.

All that’s left for you is to take a look at the options we have for you above and see which one you feel is right for your use case.

Looking for a spy pen learning guide instructions? Check here: Spy Pen Instructions Universal. Until next time!


(1) – Tonic Water –

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