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Even though spy gadgets are something that’s usually reserved for the movies, there’s no denying that a lot of kids watch those movies, and want such a gadget. Now, make no mistake, those dangerous devices special agents use are definitely out of reach. But what if you could get your kids something that will make them feel like spies, without it being even remotely dangerous?

Well, now you can. Of course, we’re talking about a UV spy pen that writes messages in invisible ink. This is a perfectly safe option that your kids will love, and it will make them feel, even for a moment, like they’re in one of those spy movies.

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With that in mind, it might be a bit difficult to choose which UV spy pen to go for. There are a lot of options out there, some of them better than others, and not all of them are worth it. If you want to be sure you picked the right one, read on as we take a look at three options that your kids will love. All of them are excellent picks, and which one you go for depends on preference.

Best Overall

12 black invisible ink markers
Black-light LED
Batteries included

The thing with most options is that you usually get one or two pens per color, which leads to arguments when you have multiple kids wanting to go for the same colored pen. Well, HeroFiber thought of that, and that’s why this pack comes with no less than twelve black pens – all identical.

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The pens are comfortable to use, and kids will definitely love them. They write easily and work on just about any surface. Parents will love them, too, because you can erase them fairly easily if your kid messes up and writes on the wrong surface. The ink, as you’d expect, is perfectly safe and there’s no reason you should worry.

The UV light is housed in the cap of the pen, which means it’s always within reach for your kids. The cap stays on the pen rather nicely, so the chances of you losing it for some reason are little to none.

To add to the beauty of the set, you’ll also get twelve mini notebooks, all of which say “Top Secret” on the front – a perfect addition for any spy, right? The notebooks have a spiral, so they’re easy to work with, and they’re small enough for your kids to be able to fit them in their pockets. Overall, the HeroFiber is definitely the best UV spy pen kit you can get your kids, and the price is rather reasonable, too!

Best For Parties

Built-in UV lights
Batteries included

Whether you’ll be hosting your kid’s birthday party, or any other event where there will be plenty of kids, it might be a good idea to have a few of these UV spy pens laying around for the kids to have fun with. And if this is the case, the iGeeKid is the perfect set for them, because you get no less than 36 pens for a pretty reasonable price.

The pens come in two variants, and you’ll get a few color options for each. What both have in common is that they write really well, they’re comfortable, and the ink is safe to use for kids. They can write on any surface, and you’ll be able to wash it if the kids make a mess, without much problems.

The difference is in the UV light. One variant comes with a light in the cap for which you have to hold the button in order for it to work, which is pretty much the standard for a UV spy pen today. However, the other one comes with a simple on/off switch that you set and forget, which might be a bit better. Whichever one your kids love, they’ll get a couple of colors to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

If you want as many pens as possible for a reasonable price, look no further than the 36 pack from iGeeKid. They work well, they’re priced well, and your kids will definitely love them!

Best Budget Model

Built-in UV light
3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Even though none of the UV spy pens on our list are expensive, sometimes you just want a few pens and you want to save as much as possible. If that’s the case, the Jasal Invisible Ink Pen 8 pack could be just right for you. It’s priced quite a bit lower than any of the other options, yet comes with 8 pens in different colors that all work admirably.

First things first, as we mentioned, you get eight pens here. They’re all identical in terms of shape and size but come in a different color. There’s black, purple, orange, blue, red, pink, yellow, and green, so your kid can choose just the color he or she loves. You won’t get two pens in the same color, however, which might be a problem if you have multiple kids who want the same color. As you would expect, the ink is completely safe and works on pretty much any surface. If your kids write on the wrong surface, you can wash it without much trouble.

The UV light, as you would expect, is housed in the pen’s cap. The cap does stay on rather well, and the light has a button that you hold when you want to see the message you’ve written. You should be careful with it around toddlers, though, because the batteries inside are absolutely tiny, and might cause a problem.

At the end of the day, if you’re after getting the most budget-friendly UV spy pen for your kids, definitely opt for the Jasal Invisible Ink Pen. You can’t go wrong.

You may also check our guides for the invisible ink spy pens and if you’re planning to do a DIY spy pen, check this learning guide on how to make a spy pen!

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