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Last Updated on November 3, 2022

The AUTO-VOX V5 is the latest dash cam by the company, released in March of 2020. It has taken the market by storm and is expected to become the #1 dash cam by the end of this year. 

In this review, we are going to take a comprehensive look at whether all this fame and popularity is really deserved by the V5 dash cam.

Everything that we have written is done out of our own personal experience of this product. Three of our expert analysts and product critiques have used the AUTO-VOX V5 on their cars, all of which had different models, and driven in all kinds of weather conditions and road circumstances. For your convenience, this review is going to, therefore, cover the following points:

  1. A quick and summarized overview of the V5
  2. A comprehensive discussion of its features and functionalities
  3. Critical analysis and reliability of the V5 dash cam
  4. The usefulness of the dash cam’s features in real-life scenarios
  5. A final verdict on whether AUTO-VOX V5 is worth buying

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Video Resolution: 1080P/720P+1080P
Camera Type: Front + Rear
Screen Size: 9.35 inch
Image Sensor: SONY IMX307
View Angle (Diagonal): 145°+150°
Full Lamination Screen: Yes
GPS Tracking: Yes

The Auto-Vox V5 is one of the best mirror dash cam that is packed with tons of great features that are certainly difficult to find together in its competitors.


A lot of improvements have been made on this dash cam, compared to its predecessors. The AUTO-VOX company has made sure to introduce a beast this time which is comprised of highly creative features. For instance, the screen is completely laminated, preventing glare, and features a super quality 1080p display. With a split-screen display screen function, this dash cam keeps you aware of every nook and cranny on the road, making driving a much safer and improved experience.

You don’t need to worry about installation either. It is easy, simple, and straightforward along with the fact that a detailed and beginner-friendly user manual comes along with the product. But, in case you needed help, here’s our learning guide on how to install a dash cam. Even more, you can finish it in a couple of minutes. If you are wondering about the screen size, the quick answer would be 9.35 inches but there’s a lot more to this size. Not only does it facilitate a better field of view and viewing angle, but it also provides a greater vision capability over your vehicle’s surroundings.

Other impressive functions of this dash cam are parking mode, which means that everything is recorded even if your car is turned off, a boosted rearview zone for parking security and GPS tracking with sync system (explained in more detail in the features section). Its large field of view eliminates blind spots totally. Furthermore, there is a built-in supercapacitor that ensures the greater extended life of the dash cam’s battery. 


 Camera Quality

If you wish to buy a dash cam with a high-quality anti-glare feature, look no further than V5. This dash cam by AUTO-VOX has a perfectly laminated screen. You will no longer encounter any glaring or blurry screen problems while driving. Above all, this cam is guaranteed to provide you with a crystal clear image even during the most extreme weather conditions so you can rest assured with its camera quality.

Geared up with a highly innovative sensor of SONY, it reduces excessive sunlight from getting into your eyes and hindering your ability to drive comfortably. Therefore, regardless of how scorching the sun rays are and how blindingly sunny the day appears to be for driving, you can rest assured because the anti-glare features significantly reduce the sharpness of all lights, whether artificial or natural, including those of the incoming cars and street lamps, at night or day. (1)

High Definition Videos

With high FPS (frames per second) and super smooth recording ability, the V5 takes innovation and technology to a next level by recording 1080p videos of everything that happens around your car with absolutely no delay and extremely superior quality resolutions. You can even catch the license plates of cars that are parked far away from you as long as they’re in a facing the dash cam. If your car hits something unexpected, the video is recorded immediately and you can always use it to find out what happened. In addition, not that such a scenario should happen, but if you find yourself in a hot situation on the road where something has happened and you believe it to be not your fault, the AUTO-VOX V5’s recorded footage of the scene can help resolve the issue instantly.

Field of View

If you are searching for a rearview dash cam that uses a higher field of view, then AUTO-VOX V5 will be your perfect companion. With a 9.35-inch long screen, this beast dominates the industry with its unprecedented field of view that, when compared with its competitors, comes out to be at least four times greater. With a 145-degree angle viewability, the front camera provides a clear vision.

At the same time, the 150 degrees angle of the rear camera ensures that you have an adequate view of what’s behind your vehicle. You don’t need to worry about any blind spots anymore. That means you can expect a tremendously better driving experience with AUTO-VOX V5.


If you have ever wanted to buy a dash cam with split-screen functionality, your wish can be now be granted by V5. It supports 3 display screen modes successfully. To put it simply; this device supports rear, front, and front & rear at the same time. You can change them in whatever way you desire arbitrarily with a basic discuss the screen. What does it suggest? This function makes you knowledgeable about the roadway circumstance at any time. 

Parking Assistant

By exploring the width and length of the parking lines around your car with this dash cam,  perfect parking becomes a piece of cake. This function is extremely ideal for various roadway scenarios and cars and truck designs. Parking ends up being a simple and easy job and you can quickly determine the distance and difference between the precise parking lines and the location of where you want your vehicle parked.


Syncing easily and perfectly with recorded videos of all your journeys, the GPS information makes tracking extremely simple and straightforward when utilized with the V5 dash cam. Basically, you can watch all videos in their standard format or in a reverse mode. What this does is allow you to remember the exact pathways and shortcuts you took to your journey before. You can also use the GPS system while a video is being played to ensure you’re on the right track.

Temperature Resistance

Geared up with an integrated supercapacitor, AUTO-VOX V5 uses spectacular temperature level resistance technology that protects not only the device itself but also its battery from deteriorating. Also, you can also expect a longer battery life span because of its high quality along with a rapid charging system and quick transient response. You no longer need to worry about your dash cam dying at crucial times with AUTO-VOX V5. (2)

AUTO-VOX V5 Without Glare Mirror Dash Cam for Driving Safety, 9.35'' Full Laminated Ultrathin Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera, Dual 1080P Super Night Vision Backup Camera


If you evaluate all features and functionalities of the AUTO-VOX V5 with no bias, you will find out that this dash cam is not only packed with superb potential but that also it is very likely to become the #1 hit this year, considering it was released a few months ago only. It features lots of ingenious functions and makes driving safe and pleasurable. Providing outstanding ease of use, AUTO-VOX V5 makes installation a breeze. The video quality is extremely high, there is a parking assistant, there is split-screen, GPS sync, and whatnot.

Ultimately, V5 undoubtedly deserves to be purchased not only because of its features but also because AUTO-VOX in general has never been a disappointing company. They’ve always made sure that whatever they produce is guaranteed to dominate the market. This time also, it is very likely.

We hope this review helps you. You may also check our Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam review. Until our next article!


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