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Last Updated on March 17, 2021

Whether you want to be able to remember what your teacher said in your lecture, or you want to add a touch of hidden surveillance to your home office, a spy pen can be a great idea. And many people opt to just buy a spy pen and be done with it.

Most of the spy pens you can buy act as a video recorder, and they’re pretty good at it. But what if you want to use your spy pen as something else? What if you want to carry things in it, for example, like notes or a message or something? If that’s the case, you should know how to make a spy pen, because you won’t be able to easily find a pre-made one.

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Below we’ll talk about how to make a spy pen that will let you carry around small items with you without anyone knowing. And if after that, you’d still like to get one that records video, too, we’ll briefly discuss those as well.

How to make a spy pen?

The first thing you’ll need when you’re making a spy pen is, of course, a pen. Now, since you’ll be carrying things inside it, it’s a good idea to pick one that’s slightly thicker, so it fits more. And while you might be inclined to get one of those pens that have seven or eight colors because they’re rather thick – don’t. It’s something that’s immediately obvious, and people will figure it out rather quickly. Instead, opt for a medium-sized pen. One that houses a slightly thicker refill inside is perfect because it gives you a bit more space.  

To add to this, you’ll also want another pen. Make sure this second one is as thin as possible, and the length should be more or less the same as your main pen. You’ll only be using the refill from that one, so you don’t have to overthink it. Did you get your two pens? Excellent.

Once you’ve got them, it’s time to disassemble them. The key is to replace the thick refill from your main pen with the thin one, which practically leaves you with a lot of empty space surrounding your refill inside. This is why we mentioned the length should be pretty much the same.


With the pens disassembled, grab the thinner refill, as well as the spring that comes with it, to ensure they work well together. Insert them in the lower half of your main pen, and you should be left with quite a bit of extra room inside.

Now that you’ve done this, you can grab the thing you want to hide inside. There are two main options here, you either hide a piece of paper with a note on it, or you hide some emergency funds. Whichever the case, you should wrap them around the ink refill, making sure they fit well. After this, screw on the upper half of the pen, to close it up. Unless you’ve put too much stuff inside, you should be able to close it and the pen will work as intended without much fuss.

When you’ve done this, you’re pretty much done. Now you’ve got yourself a nice pen that allows you to carry an important note, or some cash, without anyone knowing about them. You can carry the pen in your pocket, or in your backpack, and accessing whatever you put inside is as simple as disassembling the two pen halves and grabbing it.

What’s even better here is that such a spy pen will also work as a conventional pen, without much trouble. You’ll be able to write and take notes with it, which only makes it more difficult for someone to notice what’s actually going on.

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What if you want video?

Unfortunately, even though there are plenty of small cameras available for you to buy, choosing one and making it work inside a conventional pen is incredibly difficult. First, you’ll need the camera itself. Then, you’ll need some kind of storage solution, whether it’s built-in, or it’s a memory card. And last but not least, you’ll need a battery that will keep things running. Oh, and lest we forget, a button to use the camera, and a way of programming it to work as you want it to.

Yes, you can buy all of these things online, and you won’t be spending too much money. However, you’ll have problems assembling everything and making it work. And even if you do have the know-how to make everything work, the chances of fitting everything in a conventional pen are little to none.


This is why people who want a spy pen with video recording shouldn’t go the DIY route. The best-case scenario is ending up with a pen that looks really weird, and the quality of the recordings and ease of use will be extremely bad. This is not where you want to be with a device that’s supposed to help you out and add security to a home office or something, is it?

If that’s your goal, then you’ll be much better off with buying one that’s pre-made. You can usually find them rather cheap, oftentimes even cheaper than the cost you would pay for all the components inside. And such a pen will come with a storage solution, a rather easy way to operate it, a good battery life, a charging port, and best of all, a manufacturer’s warranty that everything works as intended.

Now, if you want to know how to make a spy pen that will house small items like notes or bills inside, by all means, go DIY. It’s simple enough, and you’ll be able to make it in a few minutes without much fuss. But if you want something that’s more advanced, find one that suits your needs and buy it, it’s nearly impossible to make it yourself.

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