How Can I Hide my Ring Camera?

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Last Updated on March 23, 2021

Using a ring camera is always a good way to prevent the intrusion of a home. Despite the great results of this device, it does not matter when this camera is detected and bypassed. That is why there are some efficient ways to be able to hide the ring camera well list below.

We have developed some good ideas that are very easy to implement and require only a little ingenuity. Any of the following ideas will allow you to improve your home security.

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Best Places to Hide the Ring Camera

It is important to mention that this type of camera does not necessarily need to be on the front door of a home. When the camera is battery operated, the lack of cable can be very beneficial. This can offer a greater degree of versatility when it comes to finding the most suitable installation location.

1. Hiding in Plain Sight

living room areaTo hide this camera in plain sight, it is necessary to have a dimly lit or inconspicuous location. Most of the time people do not choose to look upright when they are in front of the main entrance of a home. Installing this camera between the part of the wall and the ceiling is an excellent way to prevent this camera from being detected.

In cases where there is some kind of very dimly lit nook or cranny in the ceiling, this is a much more efficient location. People will not notice the presence of this camera, then they will only have to act naturally.

2. Use Everyday Objects


planner and vases on a white wood deskUsing different objects at the entrance of your home is always an excellent way to hide any camera. With battery-operated ring cameras, this can be much more appropriate. These cameras do not require any wires to operate and they can be installed anywhere in a versatile way.

All that is needed is a flower pot or some decorative element at the entrance of the home. When it is a flowerpot or an everyday object the place is perfect for the camera to be undetected. This happens because people do not usually pay too much attention to everyday decorative objects. The user will get an excellent view of what is happening outside.

3. Camera Camouflage

camouflaging the cameraCamouflaging the camera is another very efficient way and that this camera has not been detected by any person. When the camera is located around a green plant the camouflage should have this same color. (1)

If the camera is located on a wall or on the main entrance door the color of the camera should be the same. It is not necessary to apply paint to the camera structure. The user can simply cover the entire camera structure with paper tape without covering the lens.

Then some solid color paint is applied over the paper tape built into the camera. When the work is done very carefully the user will have built some excellent camouflage and the camera will not be detected. At least the camera will be much harder to detect because of the camouflage. The level of success of the camouflage depends on the work applied to this. 

4. Double Camera

twin lens of a cameraPeople who have a good budget can install a conventional ring camera at the main entrance door. The tactic is based on installing a second camera to complement the vision of the first one. The user will be able to know if the person is hiding from the first ring camera he has seen.

Final Words

Any of these tactics can provide excellent results when it comes to a simple and efficient surveillance system. One of the most important aspects in these situations is creativity and ingenuity in hiding the ring camera. After the camera is efficiently installed all members of the household will be able to count on excellent remote viewing.

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