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Last Updated on November 3, 2022

We here at have tested the Motorola MT350R 2-way radio and we’ve come to some conclusions about this radio. We have tested the MT350R’s design as well as its performance. In this radio review you also get to see:

  • General Design
  • Range
  • Durability
  • Transmission
  • Battery Life
  • Interesting Features
  • Conclusion

If you want to learn more about the Motorola MT350R, stick with us and this review just for a little while.

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Our Opinion

General Design

This Motorola radio stands at about 8″ long and 3″ wide, with a depth of 1.5″ deep, which comes out both chunky and compact at the same time. Some people might find it big, although you’ll find it perfect for outdoor activities which require wearing gloves, like skiing, fishing or biking.

The design of the MT350R allows for an hour-glass body, and Motorola has provided one. In the thinner middle of this radio, there is a flashlight button, carefully placed so you can’t press it by mistake. The walkie talkie’s exterior design means that this radio will not easily fall out of your hands.

The walkie talkie’s front panel features a small screen and all the important buttons you need to operate are placed right below the screen. This features a central menu button that’s flanked by four separate buttons. The PTT button is located on the top left side, and right below it, in the slim middle, it’s the flashlight button, while the actual flashlight is at the bottom of this radio. Located beneath the flashlight button is the mini USB charging port.

The On/Off button also functions as a Volume button and is placed at the top of this walkie talkie, right across the antenna. Between the antenna and the Volume button, Motorola has featured an emergency button, which is used to send an SOS signal in emergencies.

On the left side of the Motorola MT350R, you can find an accessory port, so you can connect your headsets, earpieces, or mics. This has become a common feature among walkie talkies and is mostly used in combination with the VOX function, so you could operate this radio hands-free while keeping your hands busy with other tasks.

On the back panel of this walkie talkie, you can find the battery compartment and the cover. You’d need to loosen the screw if you want to access the battery compartment.

If you get this walkie talkie, Motorola will also feature 2NiMH rechargeable batteries, a wall adapter with a Y cable with 2 mini USB connectors, 2 belt clips, and a user manual. Some people believe that Motorola should’ve included 2 wall adapters for this radio set, but the Y cable will prove useful when you need to charge your walkie talkies away from home conditions.

  • Range

    Motorola claims that the MT350R walkie talkie transmits within a range of 35 miles and features a dual watch, which means you can monitor two channels. Thus, you surely won’t experience transmission problems if you go on a small walk around your ranch or farm, and it will be useful to know you’re covered in those large ski centers. The MT350R also features a PTT power boost, which will extend the transmission range, while the amplifier clears the sound when using higher volumes.


    Motorola claims that the MT350R comes with an IP54 rating and it can withstand severe weather conditions. It will stay functional in dusty conditions, as well as being resistant to water and it will work perfectly under low temperatures. Although it is a water-resistant radio, it cannot withstand being submerged in water.


    On the MT350R, it is easy to switch the transmission settings using the PTT button. This is also a two-way radio. You can also switch to a power boost if you’re experiencing transmission issues, but that will drain the battery faster, as it is using more power. For battery conservation, you can set the walkie talkie to work on a low power setting.

    Battery Life

    Overall, it took up to 6 hours to charge the radio battery for the first time. After that, the MT350R gave us around 9 hours of use time, but the cool thing is, while you charge the rechargeable battery, you can still use the device with three AAA batteries, working as a substitution.

    Interesting Features

    As we mentioned earlier in this review, while testing the MT350R two-way radio, we highly recommend it for outdoor activities, such as skating, biking, skiing, long hikes, camping, and other activities that require good coordination and communication. The walkie talkie also features NOAA weather channels alert features, which means the sudden storm will never take you by surprise. Other interesting stuff this radio has to offer is the LED flashlight at the bottom of the gadget, which will help you when the sun goes down or you need a well-lit working environment.

    You might also be interested in these other features that this radio has:

    • This two-way radio is an FRS/GMRS walkie talkie with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, that covers 35 miles, which will make it easier for you to find free channels for private communications, regardless of the RF activity around
    • It is designed to receive up to 11 NOAA channels with real-time weather alerts or updates
    • Built-in flashlight, located at the bottom of the radio, for emergency light deficit situations
    • Up to 10 different call tones and talk-confirmation, to signal when you’ve finished talking
    • Features a Keypad Lock to lock your settings and prevent accidental change to them
    • Motorola also includes the VibraCall feature, for intrusive transmission sound areas
    • The rechargeable battery provides good battery life and is replaceable with AAA batteries
    • VOX feature enables hands-free use for complicated tasks
    • Easy-to-use Auto-Scan feature
    • Good outdoor element resistance


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As we come to the end of this review, we dare not hesitate to say that the Motorola MT350R is a high-quality, 2-way radio, and if you have used mediocre-quality walkie talkies before, you’ll be sure to appreciate the quality of the MT350R and what it has to offer. It’s one of the best 2-way radios on the market today and there is no doubt in our minds that you will greatly appreciate this walkie talkie.

With the Motorola MT350R, you will be able to monitor NOAA weather channels, as well as different weather channels of your choice. Another thing worth mentioning is the 121 privacy codes or the auto-scan feature.

Bottom line is, if you’re looking for reasonably affordable walkie-talkies, that will withstand outdoor conditions and provide good communication, then the MT350R is the right choice for you.

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