Where Can I Hide my Nanny Cam?

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Last Updated on May 17, 2021

A nanny cam is one of the most widely used devices in homes today. This device can provide greater confidence and peace of mind to parents. Incorporating a nanny cam in a place that is too obvious may not provide the right results.

When a nanny cam is detected by the nanny herself, her behavior may not be entirely natural. This is why it is necessary to seriously consider the precise place to install a nanny cam. Some of the best options are:

  • Behind a decorative object.
  • In a tissue box
  • In the middle of books
  • Inside a potted plant
  • On top of a wall

These places are perfect when the nanny cam is hidden in just the right way. But before we proceed, see more here for the best nanny cams in the market these days! And if you’re on a tight budget you may also like to check the learning guide on how much is a nanny cam?

Best Places to Hide a Nanny Cam

1. Decorative Objects

living room areaDecorative objects in any home are usually invisible for some time. This means that decorative objects do not catch people’s attention after viewing them several times. This can be very beneficial to hide a nanny cam. (1)

Depending on the design of each nanny cam it is possible to use some decorative objects to camouflage the camera. It is especially advisable to have decorative objects that are the same color as the camera structure. A simple camouflage can be obtained and people will not detect the camera.

2. Tissue Box

tissue boxWhen you manage to get a small nanny cam the tissue box is another great option. The special thing about the tissue box is that it is an everyday object that can be placed anywhere in the home.

A tissue box is widely versatile and is not an object that attracts too much attention. 

3. Library and Books

libraryBooks in a home library are also objects that are not usually highly regarded by anyone. A nanny does not pay attention to the books found in a home library. This is an ideal place to be able to install a nanny cam with the right structure. (2)

If it is a library with enough space the nanny cam can be placed exactly above the books and below the top shelf. This small space is usually somewhat dark because the camera is located very close to the top shelf. The camera will be dark enough to remain undetected.

4. Inside a Potted Plant

potted plantsA flowerpot is another object that can be installed anywhere in the house. The nanny cam can be installed in the middle of the potted plant as long as there is some kind of plant. The leaves of the plant will prevent the nanny cam from being detected.

It is necessary to consider that the leaves of the plant could cover the lens of the camera. This could also happen if the pot is located near a draft. The wind could blow the leaves off the plant obstructing the full view of the camera. When the nanny cam is positioned in the right way, the person can get an efficient remote viewing. 

Final Words

Any of these sites can provide good results for people who are concerned about the safety of their children. There are also a wide variety of locations that people can consider. Finding the most suitable place to install a nanny cam requires some creativity and ingenuity.

Any home has certain spaces and decorations that provide good places to install the camera. Testing different sites before choosing the final location is a good way to find an excellent spot. This is undoubtedly important for your children’s well-being.


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