Are Night Vision Goggles Dangerous?

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Last Updated on May 11, 2021

Night Vision Goggles include an image intensifier and a direct laser light. This direct laser light has no effect on the eyes. Short or prolonged exposure of the eyes to night vision goggles does not cause any visual problems. But before we even discuss further if night visions are dangerous, one might ask, are night vision goggles legal in the US? and can civilians buy night vision? It is important to know those before you even purchase one for yourself. Here are the best night vision goggles guide for you!

Are Night Vision Goggles Dangerous?

There are some myths that are false. People who start in the world of hunting try to use night vision goggles. They may come to believe that night vision goggles affect vision in the long or short term.

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No Damage to the Eyes

Wearing night-vision goggles does not affect the retina of the eyes at all. The functionality of night vision goggles does not affect the wearer’s direct vision. Night vision is constantly used by hunters and also by many law enforcement agencies for various purposes. 

Experts have not recorded that these devices generateany kind of damage to the user’s vision. This is because a direct laser light works inside the device. This direct laser light only affects the image intensifier that is used in any night vision device.

This simply means that the direct laser light does not operate on the user’s eyes at any time. The vision of the hunter or members of law enforcement only exposes their eyes to an image with intensified light. 

Blooming Effect

googles at nightSometimes security doors may incorporate special filters to be used in conjunction with night vision goggles. These filters serve to reduce the blooming effect. This effect is related to a problem with the images obtained inside this device. (1)

It is distorted images due to the optical overload of the device and includes obscuring light halos. This effect only impairs the images and not the vision of the hunter or the user.

Amount of Exposure

night vision google with adjustable amount of exposureToo long being exposed to night vision goggles may cause some discomfort. To reach this level of discomfort, it would be necessary to use a night vision device 24 hours a day. Those hunters or members of the security forces who use night vision goggles suffer no side effects.

Many of these people can even wear night-vision goggles for an entire night. At the end of the night, the eyes are not harmed at all. People may experience some kind of eye problem. This is usually not related to a night vision goggle device but other problems.


We can conclude by mentioning that night vision goggles do not produce any kind of damage to the user’s eyes. It is simply a device widely used to optimize the user’s vision in hunting or other circumstances. The operation of this device does not physically affect the user. (2)

There may be cases where people using night vision goggles have some problems with their eyesight. These problems have no relation to their use. If you have any doubt you can leave your comment below and share the article if you liked it. 


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