How Can You Tell If a Light Bulb Has a Hidden Camera?

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Last Updated on July 12, 2021

Hidden cameras are a perfect way to keep discreet surveillance. But more often than not, such devices are misused. Many people have complained about Airbnb homestays having hidden cameras installed in the rooms, generally in light bulbs. Thankfully, detecting such hidden cameras is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing. Read on to know how you can tell if a light bulb has a hidden camera.

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Look for the IR Light

IR lightAlmost all cameras are equipped with infrared light or night vision, which usually glows red or green. This is incorporated to record even in low or no light. For reference, you can click a picture or record a video on a regular camera and notice that a red or green light glows when you begin recording. The same light is installed in the hidden cameras as well.

Thus, switch off the light and scan the room. Notice if a light bulb has a red light or an unusual glow emitting from the inner frame. If yes, that’s your cue. Unscrew the light bulb and check. For more efficiency, you can buy an IR-monitoring device. These specialized tools are quick and effective when it comes to detecting infrared LEDs. You can buy them online at affordable rates. (1)

Listen for a Buzzing Sound

Mobile phones can expel buzzing sounds when they are in close proximity to electromagnetic signals. The same signals are what surveillance and CCTV cameras expel too. If you believe that any of the bulbs might have a hidden camera implanted in them, hover your phone around the bulb. Listen for any glitching sounds or auricular anomalies. (2)

Look Out for Lens Reflections

Searching for lens reflection is one way of locating hidden cams in light bulbs. If a light bulb appears to be dubious, switch it off and shine your phone’s flashlight on it. If you have a torch, even better. Look out for any glints that catch your eye. The reflection of the lens could give the camera away.

Specialized Application

a woman holding magnifying glassVarious applications have now cropped up that are specifically engineered to find hidden cameras. You can install these apps from the play store or app store for free. While some may charge you a fee, others may offer limited free service, adequate for one or two-time use. The application could tell you the precise location of the camera with ease.

Professional Hidden Camera Detector

You could also get yourself a professional hidden camera detector designed to find hidden cameras in light bulbs. These devices catch RF signals, pretty common in wireless cameras. You can detect a hidden cam by moving the detector around the light bulb. Various e-commerce sites could give you a pretty nifty deal if you do your research right.

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