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Last Updated on May 10, 2021

Both dealerships and private investigators often use GPS tracking devices in cars. This can certainly be an intrusion to the privacy of the vehicle owner and the rest of the passengers. If you want to find this GPS device, some basic steps must be followed.

Before starting the search for this device in a car you should know that there are two different GPS tracking devices. Monitored GPS tracking devices are the least common as they require a constant operator and a monthly subscription. These devices provide real-time information from a computer to a smartphone.

Non-monitored GPS tracking devices do not transmit a real-time location. They reference different location points and then plot a route or map a vehicle’s path. You may check or more best GPS tracker tips here! Other things that might help you is the best car GPS tracker with no monthly fee, isn’t that amazing? 

1. Preliminary Considerations

Car's GPSBefore starting the GPS device search it is necessary to know what the GPS device you want to search for looks like. If you do not know some basic characteristics of the GPS device you will not be able to find it even if you are looking at it.

Not all GPS tracking devices have the same design or structure. Most of them have some features in common such as the following:

  • They have a magnetic side
  • The structure is shaped like a small box
  • It may or may not include an antenna
  • May, or may not include a light
  • The length is usually 3 to 4 inches
  • Width is typically 2 inches
  • Thickness is usually one inch or less

Once you consider each of these characteristics you will know that you must specifically find a small box that could include a light or an antenna. The magnetic part is always necessary to be able to efficiently attach to the vehicle.

2. Analyzing the Outside

GPS wifi icon logoStarting with the outside of the car is always useful because there are many spaces used to hide this type of device. It is necessary to know that GPS tracking devices are often resistant to different weather and weathering factors. It is possible to use a flashlight together with a telescopic mirror to check the following spaces.

  • Front and Rear Wheels: The entire recess near the front and rear wheels are one of the best places to install a GPS tracking device. These locations are easily accessible to anyone. It is useful to remember that these devices have a magnetic side. It is necessary to look only at the metal parts.
  • Undercarriage: Using an extendable mirror allows you to look into the underside of the vehicle without the need to dive under your car. When doing this you should consider that the GPS tracking device may have been installed some time ago. This means that the dirt on the undercarriage can be a great camouflage for the GPS device.
  • Behind the Bumper: The design of vehicle bumpers is not, all the same, depending on the make and model. Sometimes there may be enough space to install the small box that is the GPS device.
  • Under the Hood: There are several components to check such as the air ducts, some parts near the battery, behind the radiator, on the firewall, or the strut towers.

3. Analyzing the Interior

car's interiorThe inside also incorporates a set of suitable locations. The interior is chosen when someone has access to your vehicle. It is one of the preferred places for dealerships when a person decides to finance a car. (1)


  • Next to the Spare Tire: When the spare tire is incorporated in the trunk, it is one of the ideal places for the installation of the GPS device.
  • Driver’s Space: The driver’s seat is usually the ideal area for the installation of this device. You should check each of the parts where a person could have easy access while sitting in the driver’s seat. 
  • The Lower Part of the Dashboard: The dashboard and its different parts are another of the most required places to install the GPS device. It is possible to find a device that uses its magnetic side to attach to the vehicle. It is also possible to find a device with wires that are not tethered together with most of the wires. 

4. Using an Electronic Sweeper

Car GPSThis is a device that allows detecting a cellular signal transmission a radio frequency transmission. Many such devices are easy to use. (2)

You only need to locate this device near the place where you think the GPS device is located. The electronic sweeper should report the presence of these transmissions with an audible or visual signal.

Final Words

Once the GPS device has been found you only need to remove the batteries and any cables that are included. The device itself can also be removed although removing the power supply is sufficient. The user will be able to enjoy his vehicle while keeping his actions private. 

And if you are more into DIY projects, you may want to check here how to make a GPS tracker! Until next time!


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