How to Remove a GPS Tracker from Car

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Last Updated on May 10, 2021

When a person sees their privacy threatened, they can perform the following steps to remove a car’s GPS tracking device. It is a step-by-step procedure that anyone can do with a few tools. This procedure is detailed below and requires very little time. But, first, before you can actually remove a GPS tracker, you need to know what does a GPS tracker look like and how to know if your car has a GPS tracker.

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Removing GPS Tracking Step by Step

If you suspect that your car has a GPS tracking device, you will need to perform the following steps. These steps are straightforward and do not require any big tools to perform. 

1. Search for the device

car's part

The device can be found on the inside or outside of the vehicle. The outside of the car is more accessible and more common as it is much easier for anyone to access. Some of the most popular locations are:

  • Under the hood
  • Under the front or rear bumper
  • In the front or rear wheel wells
  • In the undercarriage
  • On the roof of the vehicle

A flashlight may be sufficient to find the device. It may use an antenna or a light and is a small box a few inches long. A metal side could be comprised as it is most commonly used to attach this device to some vehicle’s metal part. (1)

2. Using a detector

When the person cannot find the GPS tracking device with a visual inspection, he can look for this type of tool. This tool is generally known as a spy device detector or an electronic sweeper. This simple tool can detect radio frequency signals generated by GPS devices.

People who are not very accustomed to using these tools may require some time for the learning curve. Many professionals may indicate that these tools are only for those who have the proper knowledge. To get correct results, you must learn how to use this detector.

The device must be turned on and scan each part of the vehicle. The detector will provide a sound signal with different intensities as the user approaches the GPS tracking device.

3. Perform several scans

a GPS scanner


The spy device detector tool could be detecting the wrong signal. Do not use or turn on a cell phone or any electronic device near the search location. It only generates false signals and makes the search for the GPS tracking device considerably more difficult. 

You should perform more than one single scan on your car. A single scan may not be enough to be able to detect the GPS tracking device in your vehicle. The car’s exterior and interior provide a wide variety of perfect places to hide a GPS tracking device. Taking the time is essential.

4. Remove the tracking device.

Searching for the GPS tracking device is the most challenging part of this procedure. Once you find this device, you are done with most of the work. A GPS tracking device is an electronic implement that needs a power source to operate. This power source could be from a battery or through wires connected to your vehicle.

Removing the battery is very important for the GPS tracking device to no longer work. Removing any wires coming out of the GPS tracking device will give you complete assurance that this device no longer has the power to operate. 

Final Words

Removing a GPS tracking device from a car is a relatively simple task. Not all uses of this device are illegal. It is essential to consider the situations in which it is impossible to remove a GPS tracking device. Contracting with an insurance company or financing a car at a dealership may include a specific contract.

When this contract requires the incorporation and maintenance of the GPS tracking device, it is impossible to remove it. Removing this device could imply a violation of the agreement, which may bring other consequences. Removing this device allows taking care of a person’s privacy.


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