Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car?

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Last Updated on May 10, 2021

Whether you’re trying to install your own GPS tracker or you want to find out where someone hid one on your car we have you covered. There aren’t too many places to hide them and we go through the most common locations below. But, first, we have to know what does a GPS tracker look like?

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Common Places to Hide a GPS Tracker

These types of devices usually have a magnetic side and are small boxes. Taking this into consideration some common places are usually ideal to install a GPS device.

1. Bumpers or wheels

car bumperBoth bumpers and wheels are very convenient external locations of the vehicle. This is because they are a set of places that are very easy and quick to access. A person could approach your vehicle to install a GPS tracking device in a few seconds.

Any of these locations include several recesses with metal parts. Most of the time a GPS tracking device that includes a battery only needs a metal surface to be installed. Under the rear or front bumper and in the wheel wells, it is possible to install a GPS tracking device. 

2. Undercarriage

a man fixing the car's undercarriageThe undercarriage and the underside of the vehicle is an ideal place to install a GPS tracking device. The person must have the possibility to get under the vehicle. The undercarriage tends to get dirty over time.

The dirt on the undercarriage could serve as camouflage. When the GPS tracking device and the surrounding area are dirty in the same way it is difficult to detect this type of device. 

3. Diagnostic port

car diagnostic portThe diagnostic port is located on the left side of the steering wheel and the bottom. The diagnostic port can be unplugged if only the tracking device is removed from the port. When people plug in this type of device it does not create any damage to the vehicle.

Vehicle interior: Inside the vehicle, several places can be chosen to install or hide a GPS tracking device. Carpets, rugs, or under the seats are some of the most well-known places in this type of situation.

4. Under the dashboard

car dashboardUnder the dashboard, it is possible to find a wide variety of wires, which can be a bit confusing for anyone. A GPS tracking device that incorporates wires is usually not attached to the rest of the wires under the dash. This location is usually a popular choice because some parts need to be removed to gain access there.

5. The trunk

car trunkIn the trunk, you can find the spare tire and it represents an excellent place to hide a GPS tracking device. Such devices are not always built into the inside of the trunk. This could hinder the connection between the GPS tracking device and the satellites. It is another place to take into consideration.

6. The roof of the vehicle

top down carThe roof of the vehicle is another place to consider. The logic of this place is to hide the GPS tracking device in plain sight. People are not likely to be suspicious about a device that is in plain sight. The inside of the retraction slot of the sunroof is another excellent space. 

7. Under the hood

car's hoodUnder the hood, there are several very common places that people choose to hide a GPS tracking device. Some of these places are:

  • Near the battery
  • Behind the radiator
  • On the strut tower
  • In the air ducts
  • The inside of the hood

Final Words

Knowing the common places where a GPS tracking device can be hidden in a car is helpful. This makes it possible to remove this type of device from a car when it is violating a person’s privacy. It allows you to efficiently install a GPS tracking device to protect and increase the security of one or more vehicles. (1)


(1) car – https://www.autozone.com/diy/trustworthy-advice/basic-parts-of-a-car-and-their-functions

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